41 minutes | Jan 13, 2019

Truths to Make Christ Preeminent

‘If you make seeking God the most pre-eminent thing in your life He will take care of so many things you think you have to take care of’– Dr. Roy M Gray, Miracle Valley Bible College, 1973. Here are some truths from Colossians to make Christ pre-eminent in our lives. Christ is sufficient for every spiritual and practical need in our lives. 1. We are complete in Him: ‘pleroma’ in Greek is an image of a full ship. 2. In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily. So in the Church, that is His body, we lack nothing. He is the Head of the Church. We are members of His body. (Col 2:9) Faith in Him supplies all we need. 3. He has all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge. (Col 2:3) We do not need worldly or secular or unholy knowledge to be successful as believers in what we do. Jealousy & envy and self-aggrandizement have no room in our arena of faith. Self-seeking brings all sorts of division and confusion. 4. We do not live by speculation or mystical visions, or messages from angels or demons, or superstitious rituals or religious regulations – we have the Word of God that shines like a light in a dark place. Joseph Smith said an angel showed him a manuscript that is contrary to the Bible and he started the cult of Mormonism. Mary Baker Eddy in Boston started Christian Science that teaches people to deny reality: e.g. there is no pain, no sin, no heaven & no hell. 5. The world is constantly trying to devalue Christ & the Gospel. In Europe they talk about Post-Christianity. TV is constantly trying to deny Christ and refuse to accept His deity as the Son of the Living God. But the Lord is raising up an apostolic standard in the world, a rallying point of victorious living in Christ Jesus! 6. A proper view of Christ is an antidote to heresy. The real thing is manifested in the earth by faith in Him: the sons of God. (Col 1:23) We continue steadfast in the faith, immovable, bearing good fruit (Col1: 10), stable and able to resist the enemy that flees from us. 7. Seek those things that are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on eternal things (Col 3: 1, 2) Because we are forgiven and risen with Christ we put off the old man of sin & selfish living and put on the new man that is made in the image of Christ Jesus (Col 3:5-17) and it has a positive, holy influence on all our relations (Col 3:18-25) We are a new species of being in Christ. We learn to make Him pre-eminent in everything we do or say and He takes care of so many things we think we have to take care of. We cast our cares on Him for He cares for us. Photo by Wendy van Zyl
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