45 minutes | Apr 12, 2020

Pioneer Your Advance

By Apostle Aje Pelser Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town Live Stream. Reading Philippians 1:27 onwards we can see some advances that will pioneer a new level of Christian life for you. [From Wuest’s Greek New Testament. Kenneth S. Wuest, Moody Bible Institute. William B. Eerdmans Publishing, Grand Rapids, Michigan.] Only [since my only reason for remaining on earth is for your pioneer advance in the Christian life], see to it that you recognize your responsibility as citizens [of heaven] and put yourselves to the absolute necessity of performing the duties devolving upon you in that position, doing this in a manner which weighs as much as the good news concerning the Christ, in order that, whether having come and having seen you, or whether being absent, I am hearing the things concerning you, namely, that you are standing firm in one spirit, holding your ground, with one soul contending as a team of athletes do, in perfect co-operation with one another, for the Faith [the Christian system of belief], namely the Good News. And do not be terrified in even one thing by those who are entrenched in their opposition against you, which failure on your to be frightened is an indication of such a nature as to present clear evidence to them of [their] utter destruction, also clear evidence of your salvation, and this evidence from God. And the reason why you should not be terrified is because to you the very thing was given graciously as a favour for the sake of Christ and in His behalf, not only to be believing on Him but also to be suffering for His sake and in His behalf, having the same struggle which you saw in me and now hear to be in me. Apostle Paul is expressing some of the advance he wishes to see in a church very dear to him, the Philippian Church was where he suffered much with Silas in prison, but the end was victorious and the church really supported his apostolic ministry. That makes the notes he writes in this epistle even more poignant and powerful. 1. 1st Advance: Recognize your responsibility as a citizen of heaven. 2. 2nd Advance: Perform the duties delegated to you in that position as a citizen of heaven. 3. 3rd Advance: Upgrade the manner in which you fulfil your responsibilities, with the same weight as the Good news concerning Jesus Christ. 4. 4th Advance: Give a good report to your mentors and to God: You do this by: i. Standing firm in one spirit. ii. Holding your ground. iii. Contend as a team of athletes do with one soul to advance the kingdom of God. iv. Cooperate perfectly with one another for the faith. The faith is our Christian system of belief which is the Good News. 5. 5th Advance: Don’t be terrified by anything the enemy directs against you. Your lack of fear in the face of terror is clear evidence to the enemy of its defeat and ultimate destruction! Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil.
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