56 minutes | Feb 19, 2020

Podcast #29 Rob North discusses his game store Pair A Dice Games and the impact of internet sales

We are blessed in San Diego with three large game stores and some smaller card stores. The largest of which is Pair a Dice Games in Vista, California. This interview is with the owner and my friend, Rob North.THIS podcast is composed of three parts:1. A discussion of our Wargamers Insurgency plans for 2020 at GenCon and a request for interested parties.2. Some thoughts on podcast frequency and the production process.3. An interview with the owner of Pair a Dice Games , Rob North. We will discuss his 16 years in the industry, what makes the game store business tick, and challenges to its role in the boardgame economy. NOTES at https://wordpress.com/post/conflictsimulations.com/662
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