41 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

New American Engineered UAS Platform, PRISM, Set To Be A Game Changer & The Most Versatile Drone In The Industry With Bobby Watts of Watts Innovations

What You Will Learn- (1:20- 4:08) Bobby’s background dating back to 2006 with RC and how he became a UAS pilot, technician, manufacturer and innovator (4:15- 6:45 ) What Watts Innovations does, who they manufacturer drones for, and how they have been able to compete with the major UAS manufacturers in the industry with a unique strategy (6:50) How did the idea of PRISM begin and what will the platform offer (8:15 -14:30) All about the PRISM platform (customizations/modifications, airframe, compatible payloads, systems, battery type, remote controller, technical specifications including flight time, industry/service use cases) (14:30) How COVID-19 has effected Watts Innovations, how Bobby had to pivot with the PRISM launch during the ongoing pandemic, and other strategy changes for Watts Innovations (17:45-23:00) Is PRISM fully American Made? – The platform components that are engineered and manufactured in the US vs the specific parts that are sourced outside the US. (23:00) What flight software PRISM runs on, what other flight mapping software it is compatible with, and the various functionalities Watts QGC offers. (25:55) Versatility and portability features of PRISM (27:30) When PRISM will be available to purchase & when they will begin shipping (28:50) How to pre-order PRISM, what is the price of PRISM, and what is included at that price (31:30) What is Propulsion ID, how it is built into PRISM, and why it is key for the versatility of the platform to be gimbal or propulsion system agnostic   Links Mentioned: https://wattsinnovations.com/ https://instagram.com/wattsinnovations  https://www.facebook.com/WattsInnovations  https://www.youtube.com/user/BobbyWattsHeli  https://www.linkedin.com/company/28660144 
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