33 minutes | Jan 15th 2020

Boaz Kim, Harmonica Repair, Bass Harmonica, Practicing Classical Pieces

Here is my conversation with diatonic harmonica player Boaz Kim. When I first met Boaz at SPAH in Tulsa Oklahoma during his performance with Winslow Yerxa I was struck by his virtuosity on the instrument. I learned later that he could play as well the bass, chord, tremolo and chromatic harmonica!  In this episode Boaz talks about harmonica customization and repair, learning classical pieces, his love for the bass harmonica and much more!Connect with Boaz: instagram.com/bkimmusicFor more episodes please visit: harmonicastudio.yvonnickprene.com Harmonica Studio Podcast features conversations with pro harmonica players from all over the world, hosted by me, Yvonnick Prené.Instagram: instagram.com/HarmonicaStudioFacebook: facebook.com/harmonicastudioDiscover Yvonnick's books: yvonnickprene.com/bookOver the past year, I have produced over 500 step-by-step lessons to help chromatic harmonica players to practice better. Whether you're just starting out or a pro harmonica player I have something for you to work on! Harmonica Studio is THE place to gain directions, encouragements and most of all be inspired to get your harmonica playing to the next level! Try it FREE today at harmonicastudio.yvonnickprene.comDo Enjoy Listening to This Podcast?If you enjoyed this episode help us out by leaving a star rating and review on iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Thanks for your help!Support the showSupport the show (http://harmonicastudio.yvonnickprene.com)
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