40 minutes | Nov 23, 2020

Rethinking the Manufacturing Inspection Process with Ibon Iribarren of LINQcase

Manufacturing processes are a constant area of innovation. Companies are always looking for ways to make production more efficient, more cost-effective, and more quality-driven. But there’s one really important process that is often overlooked when it comes to innovation in manufacturing. The inspection phase has kind of been stuck in the dark ages. As production methods continue to modernize, isn’t it time we turn our eyes to more cutting-edge methods of inspection? Current approaches involve physically destructive processes that rely heavily on statistics. But inaccuracies due to statistical faults can be costly. There’s also the environmental aspects, like the safe disposal of contaminated magnetized water, for example.My guest today is Ibon Iribarren, Managing Director at LINQcase, a startup based in San Sebastian, Spain. As someone who has always placed a high value on the customer side of the manufacturing industry, he employed his astute listening skills to guide him towards a business venture that ultimately solves problems that, while relatively rare, are nearly always costly. Today we’ll learn about their unique non-destructive manufacturing inspection process. We’ll explore the path that led Ibon in this direction, and we’ll talk about the current applications of the technology, as well as the potential to reshape the inspection process on a larger scale. Some Questions I Ask:What types of customers are taking advantage of your inspection process? (3:15)How do you and your customers quantify the cost of avoiding failure? (5:22)How widespread is your technique of inspection? (9:19)What types of physical products do you offer potential customers? (11:12)What makes your company stand out from the competition? (14:20)Once you saw the opportunity, how did you make the leap? (21:31)What software tools are you using? (28:17)What’s your advice for people thinking about going the startup route? (33:25)What You’ll Learn in This Episode:Why manufacturing inspection today is destructive and costly (1:18)Why individual part traceability offers a more secure inspection than general process stability (4:10)The residual problems with the current inspection process (7:13)How the company got its start (16:30)How the company is structured (26:04)An example of how predictive maintenance works (31:27)One thing you shouldn’t do when your startup is in its early stages (35:21)Connect with Ibon Iribarren:LinkedInResources:LINQcase WebsiteYouTube See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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