27 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

Hatching the Companies of Tomorrow with Osh Momoh and Jesika Briones of MaRS

The difference between starting a company 20+ years ago and starting one today is the accessibility of resources. When resources become more available, the competition grows. Great innovation needs professional nurturing in order to gain the competitive edge needed to survive in today’s startup environment. Startup incubator spaces have answered this call for countless companies. They provide resources and professional expertise related to scaling a small business to companies at various stages of growth.In today’s episode, we're talking to Osh Momoh and Jesika Briones from the leadership team at MaRS. This Toronto-based incubator provides support and services to over 1,200 startup companies. They provide Canadian science and tech companies with tailored resources through the startup stages, focusing on health, cleantech, FinTech, financial, and enterprise. MaRS has been helping startups get off the ground for 15 years, and they’re only seeing interest grow. They also offer a dedicated Autonomous program for startups in that realm, so we’ll dive into how that works as well. Some Questions I Ask:Could you provide us with some background on MaRS and the overall mission that you have there? (1:57)What types of day to day services do you provide for startups? (4:12)How do you see that startup world changing? (8:23)Can you give us an example of a company that you've worked with at MaRS that have gone through that evolution and are now on their path to becoming a commercially successful company? (11:07)What is a level 5 autonomous vehicle, and when might that be commercially available? (21:27)What are some of the challenges autonomous vehicles face? (24:19)How do you see the infrastructure that’s required to support autonomous vehicles progressing? (27:58)What You’ll Learn in This Episode:The types of startups MaRS works with (2:44)How they’ve broadened their industry focus beyond the health sector (6:00)How MaRS has grown with the popularity of startup culture (9:23)The role of the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network within MaRS (13:56)What autonomous vehicle really means (7:10)Considerations for an autonomous future (22:13)Resources:MaRSEcopia AIAutomated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing InitiativeSiemens Software for StartupsConnect with Osh Momoh:LinkedInConnect with Jesika Briones:LinkedInConnect with Paul Musto:LinkedIn See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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