28 minutes | Jun 15, 2016

HW 017: Hacking productivity for happiness part 2

Part 2 in the series on productivity talks about procrastination and how we ofte get distracted from doing the important stuff... stuff like recording this episode! The show then moves on to cover how there is no longer a link between hours spent working and the results we create, and so adding more hours is not the answer to productivity. Worrying and putting things off is another issue covered, and finally the show looks into the Eisenhower Method, or Matrix, and how we tend to spend too much or our time on urgent things, instead of dealing with the really important issues. Books mentioned on the show: Eat that frog, by Brian Tracy. https://www.amazon.com/Eat-That-Frog-Great-Procrastinating/dp/1576754227 Rework, by Jason Fried from 37signals: https://www.amazon.com/Rework-Jason-Fried/dp/0307463745 Please share your experiences or questions on productivity. Email Jon at: jon@happyways.com
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