23 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

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In this first episode of Happy Teacher, Happy Life host Lynn Hardin speaks to overwhelmed teachers who feel school takes over their whole life. She shares her story and simple processes that guarantee balance and freedom to get back to what makes one happy. Join Lynn as she uses her own experiences in education to inspire other teachers to improve their self-care, communication, and relationships. Learn how to achieve happiness with the results of balancing home and school life.    In This Episode: [00:31] Lynn’s background as a teacher and principal and why she is so passionate about sharing her experiences and desire to help other educators [02:20] Achieving work-life balance and avoiding burnout [05:30] Lynn’s struggles as a child that led to never feeling like enough, depression, and anxiety as an adult and also an educator [11:11] The journey of self-help and self-development to become a better mother and wife [13:36] Lynn’s path to teaching and becoming an administrator [16:22] Using journaling, listening, and reading as simple tools to find balance and to get better results at work and at home. [21:00] What Lynn’s goals of this podcast are to fellow educators and administrators   Key Takeaways: Constant overwork and overwhelm is not going to make you a better teacher- it will instead make you stressed and out of balance Finding tools to help you de-stress, and work on your personal development will help you prioritize and do your very best more efficiently. Gifting yourself self-love and self-esteem with simple tools will help you stop thinking about the things you aren’t doing and dwell less on past mistakes and you’ll start to feel better and think clearer and be more productive and positive in your career and life.    Links Mentioned: happyteacherhappylife.com
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