24 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Practice Catching Those Thoughts

So many teachers complain about how difficult it is to balance work and home. Sadly, work takes a more significant percentage of time and energy. Since it is human to strive for homeostasis and balance, that's what we're going to dive into during this episode. Plus, we will discuss a simple solution for refining work-life balance and finding out how all of this connects to our thoughts. We go in-depth on our beliefs, specifically, 'stinking thinking.' Tune in as I give tips, tricks, and what to do about those self-limiting thoughts in our head.   In This Episode: [01:30] We spend the most amount of our time doing work. Well, work-life balance is possible!  [08:10] Start simple and figure out what slight shift you can make today.  [12:00] Make sure to put energy into your self-talk and think about your boundaries.  [17:00] When you become aware of your thoughts, then you will no longer fixate on them.     [22:15] Call to action: look for teeny tiny thoughts that you can change in your life.     Key Takeaways: Buy an uncomplicated and straightforward journal. Then, write down simple steps on how you will achieve work-life balance.  Decide what time you will end work each day. Write it down in your calendar, so you don’t forget.  Remember, if you don’t do something perfectly, you still need to be kind to yourself.  Watch your self-talk. Talk to yourself the way that you talk to other people. 
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