16 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Get Your Groove Back With Journaling

This episode is all about journaling. Do you ever think to yourself, why can't I just simplify my teacher life? Most likely, you start the year strong, but by November, you are simply exhausted. This exhaustion will lead to what we call 'stinking thinking.' It's time to take those self-limiting doubts and turn them around. Tune in as we help you learn how to use your conscious brain more consciously to work in partnership with the instinctual part of your brain, rather than just having knee-jerk reactions and stinking thoughts.   In This Episode: [02:00] Noticing your ‘stinking thinking’ is a skill that you can develop.   [05:35] It’s time to work together with the conscious part of your brain, AKA the human spirit.   [08:50] Look at your thinking and decide what is true; remember, you have the power to choose.  [10:10] Journaling 101: what you need to know.     Key Takeaways: The best way to look at your thinking is through journaling.  Get a journal – don’t overcomplicate it and find something simple.  Keyboarding will not get the same results as writing it down with pen and paper. Try writing about yourself, writing your thoughts, and write down what you think about your students. 
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