20 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Doable To-Do List 101

Today’s episode is all about the to-do list. More specifically, the doable to-do list. As educators, we have multiple to-do lists that seem impossible! I will share tips and tricks in compiling a feasible to-do list you can create on your own. I’ll lead you through the mindset and perspective around this practice and discuss the importance of having a to-do list that is meaningful and believable to you. Finally, you’ll receive a plan with steps to create a doable to-do list that will simplify your life and give you the balance and freedom we so desire as educators. Stay tuned for this insightful episode about creating a personal doable to-do list!   In This Episode: [01:50] What is an achievable to-do list?  [04:11] After making your doable to-do list, honestly rate the possibility of making this list happen. [07:56] Create a doable to-do list with the intention of success and happiness for that day. [11:02] How to create a doable list. [16:23]  What is valuable about the doable to-do list is we begin by loving ourselves, committing to ourselves and making what we are doing realistic. [17:16] When is the best time to create your doable to-do list?   Key Takeaways: Do not create your to-do list from a place of judgment or shame. Create a doable to-do list with the intention of success and happiness for that day. The most important thing when creating your doable to-do list is to think about what you want to do for that day, what you need. Also, always reflect on where you are. It's about creating a to-do list that you can commit to. Keeping our word to ourselves not only gets things done that need to be done, but it also lightens the load in our minds. Then we start to become a person who states what we are doing or going to do and is intentional in our word which builds confidence and self-esteem. When creating a doable to-do list, it is important to only look at the next 24 hours, no further.
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