44 minutes | Apr 16, 2019

You always have a choice! Special Guest: Tiziana Pintus, violinist and integral coach

In this episode of the Happy on Stage podcast, my special guest is the Italian violinist and integral coach Tiziana Pintus. Tiziana speaks Dutch very very well, but because of her international clients and in order to reach the non Dutch speaking audience in The Netherlands as well as abroad, we decided to do this episode in English. I apologise for my 'uh's' and for sometimes just not knowing the English word, but we hope you will enjoy our conversation as much as we did. :-) Tiziana and I met in China, travelling with an orchestra to Chengdu. We became good friends and ever since we meet very regularly to talk about life, music, coaching and health. I have learned a lot from her and still am.  Tiziana has had a long, diverse and fulfilling career as a musician. She has played all over the world with famous orchestras and conductors. She will tell you about it in the broadcast. Due to her own experience and needs she decided to dive into natural health practice and coaching. I am very excited to have her in this podcast. We talk about always having a choice and being able to do so, even if we have been taught differently or brought up differently. We have a choice in life and in all different parts of life, also in our musical practice. We just have to take a step back to be able to be aware, to see, listen and feel.  If you would like to know more about Tiziana please visit her website: http://www.tizianapintus.com/ To know more about Happy on Stage or to listen to other episodes of the podcast, please visit my website https://happyonstage.nl
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