80 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Episode #66: A Different Look at Dungeons with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor

The Blind Gamer, one of those gamers who has two seats in his studio… We took something of an unintentional break (because, you know, technical difficulties and book deadlines happen…) but once again, we are back to talk about dungeons. Specifically, we’re here to talk about dungeons and their accessibility as we welcome Steve” The Blind Gamer” Saylor back to the podcast, fresh off his September push run in the run for a Moments of Triumph tee-shirt. This is our second take at Episode #66.We feel good about this one. Steve is a known and respected voice in accessibility, and with all three dungeons in his rear view, we invited him on the show to talk a bit about the challenges of a dungeon. With Steve’s blindness adding to the challenge of the endgame content, we wanted to know how accessible these three events are. We then planned to talk about Beyond Light. But… Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at podcast@happyhourfromthetower.com, or in the Comments below; and feel free to leave Steve a message. He’ll be back, for sure. 00:00 — Episode #066: A Different Look at Dungeons with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor Strap in, Brandon, we’re going to have some fun today.Is Steve Saylor really a “Special Guest” at this point? He’s a regular fixture on the stream at the very least!Tee’s branching out and trying new games… Join Tee and Phil Rossi (along with Brandon Kelly) on Thursday nights (10 PM ET) for the Phasmophobia Scream Stream. No really, this IS a Destiny podcast.Some things you should know about this Prophecy run:Steve had his eyes on the prize. (No, really, he did.) The base power level to run Prophecy is 1050, according to Bungie, although players suggest 1060.Steve’s power level when he ran it was…wait, what?If you want to see why Steve has two seats in his office, check out his Only Fans.The definition of a close shave: In today’s #Prophecy run with @thebigmarvinski and @stevesaylor, @TeeMonster knew he cut it close near the end of this final fight.He didn’t know it was *this* close. pic.twitter.com/2VN6foCoKv— HHFTT Podcast (@HHFTTPodcast) September 5, 2020 Brandon, the Great EnablerAnd yes, Steve got his Moments of Triumph shirt, thanks to Danfinity.Brandon sets it up: What are dungeons?Dungeons can be best described as “half-Raids” for the uninitiated.Shattered Throne, located in the Ascendant Plane the Dreaming CityThe Pit of Heresy, located on the MoonProphecy, located in Infinite SpaceSteve’s Favorite: The Pit of Heresy (which is Brandon’s, as well)Prophecy has a lot of multi-tasking in comparison to Pit of HeresyHowever, Pit of Heresy has a focus as well as a challenge.Let’s do a breakdown of Steve’s dungeon experience.Congratulations, Nick, on Chronicler.Sparing a little more love for Pit of HeresyTee’s suggested soundtrack to the Rainbow Bridge! Nick’s perspective on The Shattered Throne: The Ogre Challenge — not cool. Not at all.A common thread in dungeons: Clear comms are essential.A look at dungeons from the accessibility point-of-viewThere’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to accessibility, but from Steve’s, it’s about sight.Shattered Throne is tougher as there is the monocrome setting.Prophecy’s multitasking demands makes it least accessible of the three.The Pit of Heresy, while still a challenge, tends to make itself more accessible.TheBigMarvinski put to Steve that some games are just meant to be hard, and shouldn’t be made accessible. Here’s Steve’s response.Brandon admits that dungeons are hard. While they are built to be a challenge, though, there should be accessibility considered.Destiny has pitfalls for gamers facing accessibility issues, but it was made at a time when accessibility was not considered.The connection between Raids, Dungeons, and accessibilityThere are a lot that raids and dungeons have in common.From Steve: “You should always have a good Fireteam to make it happen.”Again, keep the game comms to the essentials. (Again, kudos to Danfinity for leading that Eater of Worlds.)Eater of Worlds: another quick victory lap for Steve SaylorAnd now, everything’s gravy. (And if Steve needs a glo-stick for a Whisper run, Brandon’s at the ready!) 39:29 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing(Use the code “hhftt10” at checkout to get 10% off your order and to support Happy Hour from the Tower) 40:49 — Episode #066: A Different Look at Dungeons with Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor (Part II) The hype IS REAL…We’re going to talk about Beyond Light, but here’s a lowdown on some things that Nick wants to thank…Nick thanks everyone for his recent titles of Chronicler and Cursebreaker. (And Tee has not only landed Chronicler since this recording, but he also secured Forerunner. Thanks, everyone!)Wishing Destiny a happy birthday.Sharing memories of Archon’s Forge and late night/early morning Destiny runs.And here’s another plug for Steve’s Only Fans.Returning to the original Destiny with my daughter and Brandon…Unpopular opinion: The Fireteam thinks Destiny 2 is a better game than Destiny.And now turning to the copious notes concerning Beyond Light… …but we then talk a bit — okay, more like a deep dive — about Destiny and their DLC versus seasonal content.And this is what happens when you have too much time in between episodes: You have a LOT on your mind!You think being a dev in the video game industry is cool. It can be, but it’s also demanding. On a lot of levels. Especially in the COVID-19 world, content creation has a lot of demands on it. It’s essential to talk about this and look at what demands we’re putting on creatives.And this is what happens when you have too much time in between episodes: You have a LOT on your mind!Remember when we were going to talk about Beyond Light? Yeah, not happening on this episode.Honestly, I tried to keep us on target…This. Episode. Will. Not. End. (Thanks, Nick!)Wrapping up (finally)Steve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor on TwitterSteve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor on YouTubeSteve “The Blind Gamer” Saylor on TwitchAnd remember to join Tee & Steve for Blind Leads the Blind every Thursday night at 7pm ET. Where can you find the Fireteam? Drop the Tower a line at…VOICEMAIL: 703.791.1701EMAIL: podcast@happyhourfromthetower.comTEE LIVE: http://twitch.tv/theteemonsterBRANDON LIVE: http://twitch.tv/Thermalwolff42Where to find us online… Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network… Tee — TheTeeMonster Brandon — Th3rmalw0lff Nick — Rev3Dood Remember to leave us a comment or questionsfor the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.We’ll talk about it! And remember, you can find the show on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify!Subscribe, listen, and drop us a review. Eyes up, Guardian!Time to give up the Ghost.Thanks for listening. 
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