83 minutes | Jun 17th 2020

Episode #63: A Week of Awesome from Bungie (with special guest, The Big Marvinski!)

Tee, TheBigMarvinski, Brandon, and Nick at GuardianCon 2018 Your Fireteam assembles with a lot to talk about (well over an hour’s worth!) with what can only be described as an incredible week from Bungie. There was the reveal of what’s to come followed by the first week of the Season of Arrivals. There was so much to talk about, we brought in a special guest long overdue for a visit to the Tower… There’s Social Distancing and then there’s Social Distancing: Grandmaster Level. That’s TheBigMarvinski. If you frequent Tee’s stream, you know Marv. He pulls no punches, he calls it like he sees it, and he knows destiny inside and out. Hailing from the UK, Marv has taken Tee under his mighty wing and helped Tee overcome challenge he thought out of reach. Watch the stream above for the fully-unedited recording session, a good time to be sure. What do you think of what’s coming ahead? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at podcast@happyhourfromthetower.com, or in the Comments below. 00:00 — Episode #063: A Week of Awesome from Bungie (with special guest, TheBig Marvinski!) When it comes to social distancing, no one beats TheBigMarvinski.Who is TheBigMarvinski?Coming up on third anniversary as a streamerLong-time gamer with a penchant for DestinyEffs up your world when taking on the role of a gooseChecking in with the KellysBrandon gives a perspective on missing school because yeah, the youths are missing school.A Brit’s perspective on how COVID-19 management is being handled in the United Kingdom (SPOILER: It’s not going well.)Looking at the Bungie Reveal and The Season of Arrivals today, so strap in and hold on! Welcome to Bungie’s Big RevealThe Fireteam’s reactions to Bungie’s incredible George Floyd tribute. Shoutout to Red Queen and her real-time interactions with ChatFrom the Kellys: a PERFECT statementBLACK LIVES MATTER! Nick gives a look at Cisco’s reaction to an “All Lives Matter” approach to what’s happening in the world.Marv has undertaken a charity for the month of June to bring attention to Black Lives Matter. If you can donate, do so. If you can’t, circulate this link.The impact of Bungie’s tribute on TeeA quick shout to friend of the stream and the podcast, Steve Saylor, and his own honest tribute to Naughty Dog… I've been reluctant to post this.I recorded my reaction when I saw the #accessibility settings in #TheLastofUsPartII for the first time thinking it would be a fun video for posterity. I…did not expect this.This is why we do what we do. Thank you @Naughty_Dog. pic.twitter.com/D5Or2B9Tfw— Steve Saylor – Canadian Game Award Nominee (@stevesaylor) June 12, 2020 How deep the reaction to Bungie’s tribute reaches.“We need to be better.”Other studios are stepping up to echo “Black Lives Matter.”God Bless K-PopCould this be the best reveal ever from Bungie?Marv: “Finally, we’re seeing cohesion in the storytelling.”Brandon: “Three years of direction? Yes, please!”Nick: “#MyPeople.”We love the new “trash can” feature from The Drifter.What are you more excited about? The return of The Stranger, or the return of The Cosmodrome?!?Variks impersonations all around!New Guardians (post-D2) finally experience the Cosmodrome as a map.All this talk of original Destiny reminds Tee of his new stream content: Fireside Lore. The upcoming chapters of Destiny…Beyond Light — Fall 2020The Witch Queen — 2021Lightfall — Fall 2022We love Eris on this podcast.We haven’t even touched on the LIVE EVENT, but we will cover that in the second half of the show. (SPOILER: We forgot to do that.)Talking about Vaulted ContentNick: “Destiny’s getting a little…bloated.”Vaulting content makes a lot of sense.Marv: “It’s a return of D1’s Moments of Triumph.”Brandon: “Take me back!”We’re looking forward to what’s coming… 40:24 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing(10% off your order with the code “hhftt10” at Checkout) 41:43 — Episode #063: A Week of Awesome from Bungie (Part II) Marv nails the rejoiner. FIRST TRY!!!How cool would it be if you had Marv narrating your meetingsFirst Impressions of the Season of ArrivalsYes, Tee’s adding in a “the” but Brandon will correct him. Later.Brandon on the difference between the Contact Event and the Seraph TowersTalkin’ bout swords old and newNick add thoughts on the Contact Events, Umbral Engrams, and solid storytellingMarv sees lessons learned from the Seraph Tower event. Overall, the first week offered a solid first impression.Marv’s Beef: While sunsetting weapons isn’t an issue, curated weapons you already have will not go forward. So, start that grind again.Witherhoard…Witherhole…WHATEVER….A few thoughts on Trinity Ghoul, exotics for sale, and that “curated rolls” matter……and back to Trinity Ghoul.A spoiler-free look at the new Prophecy dungeon from MarvDungeons vs. Raids — what do you prefer?Marv’s tip on soloing the Pit of Heresy (particularly at the Ritual) Tee’s loves the Raid, but there’s something about those Dungeons.Tee’s favorite memories from the Shattered ThroneWe’ve been at this for five years! (We love this game, safe to say.)What we’re looking forward to in the Season of ArrivalsMarv: The Flawless sealA quick divergence to talk about this… Concerning cheaters in TrialsMarv: “I’d rather go with a DDoS than cheaters in the final round.”From Deep_Fish in Chat: “What can Bungie do to protect players from cheaters?”Returning to Marv: “The hackers are two steps ahead.” Our resident cybersecurity expert, Nick, chimes in.Taking development (of any kind) to remote locations. It can’t be easy.Returning to the discussion of “What we are looking forward to…”Brandon: “Better storytelling.”Nick expresses his love for Titan and the Contact event there.Where to find Marv and CHECK OUT THAT CHARITY STREAM! Where can you find the Fireteam? Drop the Tower a line at…VOICEMAIL: 703.791.1701EMAIL: podcast@happyhourfromthetower.comLIVE: http://twitch.tv/theteemonsterWhere to find us online… Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network… Tee — TheTeeMonster Brandon — Th3rmalw0lff Nick — Rev3Dood Remember to leave us a comment or questionsfor the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.We’ll talk about it! And remember, you can find the show on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify!Subscribe, listen, and drop us a review. Eyes up, Guardian!Time to give up the Ghost.Thanks for listening. 
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