54 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Episode #62: Tales from the Deep Stone Crypt

We have a Fireteam of four this go-round as we gather on Discord to talk Destiny, mainly about the end of Season of the Worthy…and a quick nod to a new game on the scene. In what is becoming known as the COVID-19 edition of the podcast, Happy Hour from the Tower is back on stream and on pod as Tee, Nick, Brandon, and Obi team up to look back on the Season of the Worthy, now currently winding down in game. It was a season of up’s, down’s, grand slams, and swings-and-misses, so What do you think? Share with us your thoughts at 703.791.1701, at podcast@happyhourfromthetower.com, or in the Comments below. 00:00 — Episode #062: Tales from the Deep Stone Crypt The COVID-19 approach is taking hold with the Fireteam, and Obi is kicking off this podcast with a proper start. Nick approves.What’s been going on?Tee and Pip have wrapped their Friday games,Pip completely takes an unexpected turn in what she wanted to game.Tee is taking advantage of the Return to Arkham bundle on PSN.As for Pip….welcome to Manhunter.Ki-wi-SHARK-do-dooo-de-do-do….A quick review of Maneater — WOW! What a blast! What is happening TONIGHT…The Season of the Worthy from the Fireteam’s perspective…Obi was not impressed with the pre-existing issues that remained unresolved.Brandon found the activities repetitive and the storytelling uneven.Nick makes the correlation between Destiny and the band GWAR.For a deeper dive into all this, look at Episode #61 of the podcast. Obi re-discovers a joy in Destiny with a flawless Seraph run, but he feels like Bungie is making Guardians helping out one another a tougher task.As voiced in the previous episode, Bungie invested in to one event for Triumphs and Titles… TheBigMarvinski asks of the pinnacle events in the season — pursuing the Almighty title, Trials, and Grandmaster Nightfalls — what did we do?How do you bridge the gap between the casual and the hardcore player?A decision between running the GMN and a Raid.Brandon believes in Matchmaking, and Obi agrees.Before we get to talking about next season, Tee wants to discuss a tweet from Gladd… Y’all staying in shape out there?? pic.twitter.com/w2ShHQ43Pe— Gladd (@Gladd) May 27, 2020 No, not THIS tweet… Honestly, recovs are ruining Destiny right now.These accounts are being taken out of PvE and it’s lowering the population that’s doing regular public events and strikes.How am I supposed to heroic a PE or finish off a strike boss when all these recov accounts are wiping kids?— Gladd (@Gladd) May 27, 2020 THIS tweet. Recovery Accounts (or Recovs) defined, and what damage is done by these accounts.The Fireteam chimes in on Account RecovsBrandon is not a fan of the Account Recovery, specifically “Why would you do this?”Nick weighs in on this from a cybersecurity perspective, and “like father, like son” he asks…ONE REASON: It’s big money to run recovs.An aside (or two) about the joy of earning something on your own.From Drafty: What if you’re doing a friend a favor? And Tee fields it from both sides of the argument.Obi doesn’t see what the impact recovs have on PVE, but PVP? That’s very different. Now it is time to look ahead to the season ahead… 29:30 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing(10% off your order with the code “hhftt10” at Checkout) 30:49 — Tales from the Deep Stone Crypt (Part II) A hiccup in Bungie’s network dropped a tease a bit too soon.Paul Tassi had thoughts on where we are headed……but Byf talked about this two years ago! Okay, is opening up a brand new story thread really a good idea right now? We have a LOT of open threads right now.A new map? New adventures? Exo lore? SURE!!! But……So what’s taking priority here? The Almighty or the Darkness? We want to trust Bungie, but there are a lot of moving parts at present.So let’s speculate what could be coming…Did anyone else take a pause when it came out that Rasputin used Guardians AS BAIT! Why is no one talking about this?!And here’s Obi, always trying to find a bright side to people….and A.I.This is the point of the podcast where Brandon ignores Tee……until we get back on point, and Brandon offer a counterpoint to the Deep Stone Crypt.A debate on Titan’s fate. And eff Mercury.Welcome to the Season of Speculation, everybody. Where can you find the Fireteam? Drop the Tower a line at…VOICEMAIL: 703.791.1701EMAIL: podcast@happyhourfromthetower.comLIVE: http://twitch.tv/theteemonsterWhere to find us online… Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network… Tee — TheTeeMonster Brandon — Th3rmalw0lff Nick — Rev3Dood Obi — ObiOrion Remember to leave us a comment or questionsfor the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.We’ll talk about it! And remember, you can find the show on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify!Subscribe, listen, and drop us a review. Eyes up, Guardian!Time to give up the Ghost.Thanks for listening. 
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