65 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

Episode #60: Catching up with the Fireteam on the Guardian Games, the State of Content, and Cheating in Trials

Tee is taking the hit on this one. He has been working hard on a lot of various projects as you’ll hear in the show intro, but yes, the Fireteam is back, and we are here to talk about… THE GUARDIAN GAMES Welcome back from what was an unintentional break. We did try out a show very no frills, very barebones, and it went well, but then demands reached a peak with Tee…and the episode was lost. Oooops. So the Fireteam assembled on Sunday, and we did this bare-bones approach, and this time, Tee set aside the time for edit and review. He also made sure the show got exported to the Fireteam’s YouTube channel… On account of Tee’s current schedule, Happy Hour from the Tower is going with a simplified approach to show notes. We’re going to showcase the raw shows along with any YouTube features and URLs referenced throughout the show, but for now, some things need to get off Tee’s editorial desk. So without any more set up, here’s a quick look at Episode #60… Episode #060: Catching up with the Fireteam on the Guardian Games, the State of Content, and Cheating in Trials Catching up with the Fireteam and how they are working through the shelter in place orders with COVID-19The Guardian GamesTee’s loving it.Brandon speaks for HuntersNick still has issues with Christmas lightsThoughts from Forbes’ Paul Tassi on the sudden domination from Titans This was what I dreamt about… ..but here’s the reality! How the Guardian games feel a little out of place because the ALMIGHTY IS ON A COLLISION COURSE WITH EARTH! A discussion on the demand for content — is is beginning to hurt the progress of Destiny’s storyline, and the gaming industry on a whole?Speculation on how Guardian Games will end, and what Bungie is planning. Are we going to be seeing massive change in the world again on Forsaken level? The Dangers of the Grind Wait — we were talking about Guardian Games, and now we are talking about a sustainable market? What?!Where is that happy medium? 43:21 — Gnarly Nerd Clothing (10% off your order with the code “hhftt10” at Checkout) So let’s talk about Trials and the changes coming there.The recent TWAB touches on a discussion happening presently in the Destiny community… The video that started the buzz… Tee was kinda triggered by the episode above…but there was a fascinating angle to this discussion.Turning to our resident Titan who is also a cybersecurity authority on whether or not hackers/cheaters can really be stopped, if not slowed down.A little more about TrialsTee wants to try it again, but with a team he feels more in sync withBrandon has never gone into Trials…even though he is a beast in the Crucible.Ending the podcast on a positive note… No Kid Hungry, Share Our Strength Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign) May 2, 2020 —10 a.m. ET Tee is going to sherpa Will Remik from No Kid Hungry with his boss, Carla Warner, in Chat!This is the finale of the #LunchtimeForKids charity stream Tee started at the end of March. You can donate off-stream if you can’t make the stream, but if you can, Saturday morning is going to be fun!QUICK ASIDE: Nick got his Chaperone!And a special THANK YOU!!! to Bungie for keeping Destiny online during a pandemic. Turning to Nick on an IT perspective on how Bungie has been handling this incredible game through COVID-19.Bungie — the real Gold Medalists of the Guardian Games Where can you find the Fireteam? Drop the Tower a line at…VOICEMAIL: 703.791.1701EMAIL: podcast@happyhourfromthetower.comLIVE: http://twitch.tv/theteemonsterWhere to find us online… Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network… Tee — TheTeeMonster Brandon — Th3rmalw0lff Nick — Rev3Dood Remember to leave us a comment or questionsfor the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.We’ll talk about it! And remember, you can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify!Subscribe, listen, and drop us a review. Eyes up, Guardian!Time to give up the Ghost.Thanks for listening. 
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