73 minutes | Dec 10th 2019

Episode #57: Looking Ahead to Season of Dawn

So…what happened? SHADOWKEEP ARRIVED……and then October happened. Immediately followed by November.We did record a show about Shadowkeep, and Tee was in the middle of editing it; but life got in the way. Go on and revisit that lost show with the full Fireteam here: Tee wishes he could say “It’s okay, I’ve got this…” but he doesn’t. There has been massive changes and shenanigans at his place of work. This means making time for this podcast amongst other things. The plan, until further notice, is to simplify the copious show notes Happy Hour from the Tower is known for. That way, we can keep up with what’s happening in Destiny and keep you all entertained on a regular schedule. Thanks for being so patient, Guardians. And so you know — the raw video below is Episode 57 and we are talking about the Season of Dawn! So what did you think of the Season of Dawn so far? We have got many ways for you to share your own opinions on the latest storytelling from Bungie. Drop us a line at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com and we will share your thoughts on the podcast! Episode #057: A Look Ahead at the Season of Dawn Welcoming Guardians MH to the Fireteam!ShoutoutsDestiny UnfilteredKaralee on MixerSteve Saylor on MixerGuardiansMH on TwitchBrandon’s condescending tone is honestly coming from a place of love when it comes to Tee and Trials.A discussion about the reaction to the Bungie teaser and the cycle of criticismAT THE BREAK: The Steamrollers’ Adventure PodcastFun with accents“Bring me the WEX!!!”Tee’s Dream Job: Writing lore for BungieA deep dive into the recent trailer and release notes… Where can you find the Fireteam? Drop the Tower a line at…VOICEMAIL: 703.791.1701EMAIL: podcast@happyhourfromthetower.comLIVE: http://twitch.tv/theteemonsterWhere to find us online… Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube And here’s where to find us on PlayStation Network… Tee — TheTeeMonster Orion — Obi-Orion Brandon — Th3rmalw0lff Nick — Rev3Dood Remember to leave us a comment or questionsfor the show at 703.791.1701, or here at the blog.We’ll talk about it! And remember, you can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!Subscribe, listen, and drop us a review. Eyes up, Guardian!Time to give up the Ghost.Thanks for listening. 
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