32 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

This company is profitable, gets people to eat healthier and protects communities living in the rainforest - with Sam Fajemilua (Cofounder of Jungle Fruits)

In this episode, Samuel Fajemilua one of the cofounders of Jungle Fruits sits down to talk with me about creating a company that focuses on helping people whilst selling amazing healthy snacks. We talk about everything from boat hopping in Madagascar to the rise of chicken shops in London. Sam gives us an insight into climate regulation, the communities that live across the rainforests, and the biodiversity in the rainforests that allow us to live. We also have the opportunity to hear these new founders' (Sam and Manny Fajemilua's)  journey to creating their great company Jungle Fruits. It is jam-packed. -------------------------Join the community Instagram : @HappyhealthyuspodcastSubscribe : tukiya@happyhealthyuspodcast.comEmail any questions, feedback, or collaboration requests:  tukiya@happyhealthyuspodcast.com-------------------------------Jungle Fruits is a company that is on a mission to inspire healthier communities by making superfruits more affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone. Website: https://www.junglefruits.co.uk/IG :  @jungle_fruitYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOsp9UIzn62rc3cVP8nuKgLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jungle-fruits/--------------This podcast could not have taken place without the support of my amazing family and friends, in particular :Concept and Strategy: Gloriose Hitimana, Nasra Ahmed, Bana KesteGraphic Design: Haya Junaid - hayajunaid.co.uk - @higherandhaya (insta)Music : Stephen Stringer - @Stephen.strings (insta)Sound Engineering : Pete Welly Photography : Val-Verrel Ashie @Val-Verrel (insta)
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