51 minutes | May 5, 2021

MSS #268 Are Too Many Details Keeping You From Manifesting

It’s a puzzle in which you create some of the pieces and that makes more of the pieces appread. Most people want to start with the big stuff. Let’s say a new convertable. So they want to find all the pieces of that convertable and put them together.  Only those pieces don’t exist yet.  You have to put together the pieces with the wind blowing and music playing BEFORE the pieces to the convertable appear.  You have to put together the road, which in the case of manifesting looks more like creating space.  All those pieces have to be put togehter before the car pieces appear.  Often that’s true of the money pieces as well, espeically when that money represents something big like a life-changing business.  And once 95% of the puzzle is complete, you know the other 5% has to show up. In this episode Jeanne Andrus joins Cassie Parks again and they deep dive into the manifesting puzzle and how Jeanne figured out how to put it together. 
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