44 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Ep. #261: Hiding Who You Are Hinders Your Manifesting

There are many ways to wear masks and hide who you are or who you REALLY want to be.  Jeanne realized she was hiding. She was choosing her words to post on Facebook and trying to be secretive about menopause. She didn't want anyone to think she was "too much" or get offended by the unflattering symptoms that might come on a woman's journey to her next stage of life.  While hiding kept others from getting uncomfortable, it also kept her hidden from those who needed her the most.  It kept those who needed her hiding in fear that they were weird, falling apart, going crazy, and mostly not understanding that what they were experiencing was pretty normal.  Last week we talked about aligned energy and how that is more important than the perfect words. In this week's episode, join your host Cassie Parks and Jeanne, for the next step in her journey, which is owning who she is! In this episode, they dive deep into why you can't get what you really want unless you own it. In this interview, you will hear Jeanne talk about how she has opened up, how she has stepped into who she wants to be, and how she is owning that she wants to change the world.  If you're hiding your LOAness, your knowledge, or any part of you, you are hiding a piece of the puzzle from the Universe. Tune into this week's episode to see just what is possible when you choose to be yourself.  00:38: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome.  00:43: Jeanne talks about getting to go to a jazz festival and how much fun she had. 01:03: Cassie asks Jeanne what her superpower is. 01:08: Jeanne talks about how her superpower is to help women recognize the symptoms they may have from menopause, and she helps make them go away. 01:25: Cassie asks Jeanne how people can determine if their symptoms are menopause-related. 01:49: Jeanne discusses how many doctors aren't even aware of all of the things that can be menopause-related and recommends that you check out her website www.menopause.guru/symptom to get an idea of what symptoms can be menopause related. 02:30: Jeanne talks about how if you are over 40 or even in your late 30's, and weird things are happening, it could be hormone-related, and that a lot of the symptoms that are commonly associated with menopause are the ones that show up in the later stages of the menopause journey. 03:17: Jeanne talks about how once you know possible symptoms, you can then explore if it could be caused by a hormonal change due to menopause and how that knowledge can make some of the scarier symptoms less scary because you know what you are dealing with. 03:48: Cassie asks Jeanne what the biggest change that she has had in the last 30 days as far as who she is and who she is being in her business. 04:07: Jeanne talks about how she is more relaxed and is truly owning who she is and what she does. 04:20: Jeanne talks about how she wasn't owning who she is and what her superpower is. She talks about how she has decided to own that she is the Menopause Guru, that she helps women on their journey through menopause, and how she is more confident putting that out into the world. 05:02: Jeanne talks about how by not owning it, it was making it more stressful because she wanted to help people but wouldn't own and share how she can help people. 05:28: Cassie talks about how Jeanne wanted to help people, but there was a barrier between her and the people she was trying to reach.  She discusses how people are coming into Jeanne's business quicker and easier because she is owning who she is.  05:55: Jeanne talks about how the biggest change in her business has been owning who she is and what she does, and fully showing up in the world as who she is. 06:24: Cassie talks about how Jeanne was hiding and trying to grow her business, and that she couldn't do what she needed to do to help the people she wanted to help and hide at the same time. 06:38: Cassie talks about how it has been a journey/process and how everything had to happen for Jeanne to step into who she is now. And how, now that she has, the business can build off of the momentum that she has created. 07:14: Jeanne talks about how other people in the group are so much farther ahead of her and that she is just stubborn and a slow learner. 07:37: Cassie gives Jeanne her take on that belief and explains that Jeanne is just in the process of becoming and that what she wants is coming. She just had to allow these pieces to fall into place first.  08:22: Cassie talks about how some people show up ready to own who they are, but then it takes them more time to do some of the other things that Jeanne has been working on. 08:37: Cassie talks about how excited she is about the next few months because everything is already in place, and now that she is ready to own who she is, it will be amazing. 08:49: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has set up the business so that she is ready to take on a ton of clients at once and can support them in the way they need to be supported.  09:17: Cassie talks about how they have been working on setting up the business as Jeanne's Future Self, and they know that her Future Self has a system in place that allows her to focus on her clients and not other aspects of the business. 09:42: Cassie talks about how they have put into place everything that needed to be in place before something bigger could happen. 10:02: Jeanne talks about how scripting 5 years out has helped her see how what she is doing now is helping her create the life she wants to live. 10:49: Cassie asks Jeanne about how it feels to know it is inevitable that, in 5 years, she goes to New Hampshire after Jazz Fest, and if that is how it felt 2 years ago. 11:12: Jeanne admits that she didn't see it two years ago, but now she sees how her life will be in the future because that is how she is setting up her life, and it all feels so much more real. 12:03: Cassie talks about how, to get to that point, it takes consistency in scripting and practicing becoming, and that there is no way to rush the process. 12:33: Jeanne agrees and talks about how in the past two weeks, her husband was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and how, because of her Future Self, she realized that this is happening to get her where she wants to be. 13:54: Jeanne talks about liking that she scripts 5 years in the future because there is nothing to figure out, and she can instead enjoy what her life looks like 5 years from now. 14:42: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is owning her Future Self in a whole new way. 14:56: Cassie asks Jeanne about the difference between the Jeanne of the past that thought she broke the Law of Attraction and the person she is now who knows what she is scripting 5 years out is inevitable. 15:28: Jeanne talks about how the person she was then was only looking at the short term and believed that if she didn't manifest what she wanted right away it wasn't working, and uses the example of manifesting a free cup of coffee. 16:08: Jeanne talks about manifesting $100K and not expecting it to come into her life the way it did. 16:33: Jeanne talks about trying to manifest a cup of coffee and how the rules she had in place were keeping her from seeing what she had manifested.  17:40: Jeanne talks about how she would miss the amazing things the Universe was giving her because of her rules. 17:47: Jeanne talks about trusting that the Universe is going to give her what she asks for, and trusts that she is taken care of. 18:02: Jeanne talks about how she thinks she broke the Law of Attraction by trying to control too much. 18:12: Cassie asks Jeanne about co-creating with the Universe. 18:26: Jeanne talks about how she takes the step that she feels is the right next step to take, and she trusts that that action is setting her up for exactly what she needs. 19:19: Jeanne talks about how it doesn't matter what happens next because everything that needs to happen is happening, and the specifics don't matter. 19:40: Jeanne talks about how it is all about trusting that everything is exactly as it needs to be. 19:46: Cassie asks Jeanne if the Law of Attraction is working better now. 19:58: Jeanne discusses how her expectations are larger, and she has less rules around them.  20:22: Jeanne talks about manifesting $40 that wasn't hers for the first time. 20:40: Jeanne talks about having to trust that the best possible things are coming true. 20:55: Cassie asks if the old Jeanne would not have been able to trust and had to try to make it happen. 21:03: Jeanne admits that that was her, that she still has her moments, and how if she would have started this process 15 years ago, it would have included more of what was real at that time and that that wasn't where she was supposed to be. 22:11: Jeanne talks about how she is where she is now because she wasn't trying to create her life. 22:30: Jeanne talks about her marriage ending, how the person she was then wouldn't have chosen the life she has now, and how she has accomplished so much more because she became the person she is now. 23:18: Cassie talks about how if she had been scripting at that time, she would have been scripting the relationship she has now but would have thought she was supposed to be with her ex. 23:51: Jeanne agrees and talks about how the details don't matter, and that the details were where she was getting stuck. 25:00: Cassie talks about how things may change, but they will be even better than what she has now. 25:35: Cassie asks Jeanne what she meant by controlling all of the details. 25:50: Jeanne talks about how when she first started scripting, she thought she had to put in all of the details and that now it is so simple in comparison.  26:16: Cassie asks how keeping it simple changes how Jeanne feels when she scripts. 26:25: Jeanne talks about how there is less description because scripting waking up and hearing birds could be her waking up anywhere and having an amazing day, and that the details don't matter. 27:19: Cassie talks about how when you start your script, I heard birds, depending on where you decided you are when you began scripting will dictate what kind of birds and other noises you hear when you wake up. 27:52: Cassie talks about that the being is trusting that your brain will fill in the details of what kind of birds you hear when you start a script. 28:04: Jeanne talks about how if she were writing this as a journal entry and not as a script, she wouldn't put all of the details because they are the birds she would hear every day. 28:45: Cassie wants to talk about how way back Jeanne was so detailed and how things shifted as Cassie got her to let go and trust the first thing that came to mind.  29:29: Jeanne talks about how randomly her husband set his alarm clock to sound like birds. 29:40: Jeanne talks about it being hard to hear the birds in their bedroom because the air conditioner is loud, that all of a sudden she was hearing birds every morning, and how she manifested the birds she was scripting. 30:02: Cassie talks about how that started to build Jeanne's trust muscle. 30:30: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is posting freely and is owning who she is, and asks what kept her from doing that before. 30:34: Jeanne talks about how on her business page it wasn't a problem, but how on her personal page, where she has a lot of people following her that have known her a long time, she was hiding what she did because she didn't want them to feel like she was marketing to them. 31:53: Jeanne talks about how now she is still using her personal page to connect with people and owning what she is doing in her business as part of who she is. 32:28: Cassie talks about how many people feel like Jeanne and feel like if she owned being the Menopause Guru, she would lose out on connecting with her friends. 32:36: Jeanne agrees and admits that she is finding a balance between her personal life and her business life because what she does is important. 33:23: Cassie talks about how many famous people lose who they are and gives an example of someone who owns who they are and shares what they do for a living. 34:49: Cassie talks about how Jeanne couldn't be fully seen on her Menopause Guru page until she could be fully seen on her personal page as the Menopause Guru. 35:05: Jeanne agrees.  35:08: Cassie asks Jeanne about a post she recently put up. 35:13: Jeanne talks about putting up a random post, getting a great response, and that now she wants to own who she is because as she does that, it is easier to step into the person she wants to be. 36:11: Cassie reiterated that being the person you want to be makes it easier not to be the person you don't want to be. 36:25: Cassie talks about how, in the last coaching session she did with Jeanne, she wanted her to set the intention of having 100 people in the cleanse in May and to find these people only through posting what she wants to post on social media.  36:58: Cassie talks about Jeanne realizing if she did 10 posts a week, she would get about 20 people in her cleanse per week, which would be around 100 people in May. And how a week ago that seemed hard, but now it is easy because she is being. 37:25: Jeanne admits that she was planning on trying to negotiate how much she could spend on ads to help her reach the 100 because she didn't think she could do it on her own, and admits that she now knows she can do it on her own. 37:40: Cassie asks Jeanne why she doesn't need to increase her boosted posts. 31:42: Jeanne talks about how she is the person who attracts the people that need to work what her. 37:50: Cassie asks Jeanne to repeat what she just said. 37:53: Jeanne says I am the person who attracts the people who need to work with me. 37:58: Cassie asks Jeanne what changes knowing she attracts the people who need her to her business has made.  38:15: Jeanne talks about how she doesn't need to worry because everything that needs to happen is.  38:32: Cassie asks Jeanne what is going to fill the space that was filled with worry. 38:36: Jeanne owns that fun is going to replace the worry in her life.  38:47: Cassie talks about how Jeanne had a fear that if her business got too big, she wouldn't be able to have fun. 38:59: Jeanne admits that she was worried about making the money she wanted and still doing what she wanted to do. 39:18: Jeanne talks about how most people her age are retired and questioned if she really wanted to grow the business. 39:48: Jeanne talks about how she realizes that she can have it all because of how she runs her business. 40:16: Cassie wants to simplify what Jeanne is experiencing and explains how when you trust, you lessen the worry, and when you let go of the worry, all of the stuff you want can come in. 40:35: Cassie asks Jeanne what advice she would give to someone that is struggling in their business. 40:43: Jeanne talks about telling them to find a coach that resonates with them who can help them discover who they are and help them stay out of their own way. 42:19: Cassie asks Jeanne where people can connect with her. 42:26: Jeanne talks about that you can find her on Facebook under menopauseguru or menopause.guru or menopauseguru.com.
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