43 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Ep. #260: It's Not What You Say, But the Energy Behind It

It's not what you say; it's how you say it.

This is a common phrase that often talks about tone or body language and not the specific words you use.

And it's super important to making The Law of Attraction work. 

You can say all the "right" words. They can be amazing! You can get out your thesaurus, use the perfect grammar and even have an app make your words more interesting.

However, the thing no app, thesaurus, or amazing English teacher can change is the energy behind your words. 

When you're using the perfect mantra, but the energy behind it is "Please Universe, hear me!!!!! I don't trust, but I'm hoping if I pick the perfect words, you'll have mercy on me," the Universe feels the desperation. 

In essence, you create more to feel desperate about. You create more "trying to get it right" instead of more of what you want. 

This happens in business too. 

Successfully leveraging the Law of Attraction and attracting clients is all about the energy behind the words you are using. There are no "perfect words," only aligned energy. 

Join your host Cassie Parks for another episode in Jeanne's Journey, where they dive deep into what happens when you let go of desperation and come from a place of trusting the Universe.

You'll hear Jeanne go back and review her own words and what the energy used to be behind them versus what it is now. She'll talk about the difference between speaking knowing someone will show up instead of desperately hoping they do.

Most people who've been trying to make the Law of Attraction work for a long time don't even know what it looks like or feels like to have that amazing energy alignment. Be sure to tune in this week to hear Jeanne talk about this so you can connect to what it feels like!

00:37: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome.

00:42: Jeanne talks about how awesome her business is, that she is celebrating 6 years of living in her dream home, and that she is excited to reach the people that need to hear her message.

01:18: Cassie talks about Jeanne owning that she is excited to get her message out.

01:29: Cassie asks Jeanne how she feels differently about putting her message out than she did 3 years ago.

01:34: Jeanne talks about how she has had this message for a long time, that it is an important message to share, and that she plays an essential part in getting this message out to the world.

02:10: Jeanne talks about how when she used to try to put the message out and didn't feel like it was making the impact that she wanted, it was hard and didn't feel good.

02:30: Jeanne talks about how she has done a lot of work in the last 5 or 6 weeks on her cleanse, how it feels amazing, and is exciting to work on it.

02:51: Cassie asks Jeanne about why it feels so different now than in the past. 

03:19: Jeanne talks about how it is draining when you put in the work, and it doesn't seem to be making an impact.

03:28: Jeanne talks about it being draining when she thought she was doing everything right, and it still wasn't working.

03:45: Jeanne discusses how she has talked to some entrepreneur friends, and they talk about being burnt out and tired, how their businesses no longer feel good, and how she recognizes that these are side effects of menopause.

04:44: Jeanne talks about how she took her message to business coaches and other business people, and no one has been able to help her find her audience like Cassie has.

05:17: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has been connecting with her audience more, that the cleanse is taking that connection to a new level, and that Jeanne already has people signed up.

05:35: Jeanne talks about that she has only sent the URL to the cleanse to a few people and isn't sure how she already has 2 people signed up.

05:51: Cassie wants to talk about how Jeanne is getting clients on an energetic level.

05:57: Jeanne admits that she knows how it is happening on an energetic level but doesn't understand how it is happening on a technical level.

06:02: Cassie wants to discuss the differences between the energetic and technical how, but first, she wants to celebrate that Jeanne isn't constantly checking to see if people have signed up for the cleanse.

06:25: Jeanne admits that the only reason she knew is that she got a notification email that told her 2 people had signed up.

06:34: Cassie asks Jeanne what makes it feel like her message is finally reaching the people she is meant to reach.

06:53: Jeanne talks about how she put her first Facebook post out about the cleanse about an hour ago, that it happened organically, and that the signups had already happened before she made that post.

07:18: Jeanne talks about how different the energy and feeling is because she knows that what she is saying right now is what people need to hear.

07:36: Jeanne talks about how she always felt in alignment with her message, but now she feels in alignment with more than just the message within herself.

08:08: Jeanne talks about how she has opened the flood gates to connecting with people because she is so much more confident because of the work she has been doing with Cassie.

08:33: Jeanne talks about how she knew her emails were right but didn't know what to say on Facebook to get people to the emails.

09:00: Cassie and Jeanne discuss that she now feels confident in all aspects of her business.

09:05: Cassie talks about the difference energetically, from an LOA perspective, when you do things knowing people are getting it versus hoping people will get it.

09:33: Jeanne agrees.

09:34: Cassie wants to clarify that the words matter, but from an LOA perspective, it is about the coach's alignment that creates the connection to your clients.

10:03: Jeanne talks about how it is the energy that also crates the words and how once you are out of the energy of desperation, and in alignment, you just know what to say, and it is easy and fun to share this message.

11:42: Cassie talks about how Jeanne spent last year getting clear so now she can better communicate with the Future Clients she knows she works with.

12:22: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how the cleanse has taken her business to the next level.

12:27: Jeanne talks about how she is really into the science behind everything, how sharing that information would help some people, and then they would leave because she gave them all the information they needed.

13:25: Jeanne talks about realizing that science isn't enough and that it isn't what people need to know right when they meet her.

13:36: Jeanne talks about realizing that her clients need to know that she cares, will help them find the solutions that they need, and that what they need is unique to them.

13:57: Jeanne talks about how there are so many programs and books that are all about following a few steps, and how the cleanse is only the first step to feeling better while only following a few steps.

14:50: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has stepped into the beingness of her Future Self by putting the cleanse together, and how she is owning being a higher level coach that is taking people on the journey.

15:45: Jeanne talks about how she is prepared for the fear and overwhelm to show up but is excited about being in this new space.

16:37: Jeanne talks about how when she did the first cleanse in January, she was trying to make it so it would make everyone happy and this time she is owning that if people follow the cleanse the way it is, they will get the result they want.

16:57: Cassie talks about how part of Jeanne's up-leveling is owning that she is the expert and that the cleanse will work because Jeanne knows that is what will get people the results they need as they start on this journey.

17:48: Jeanne talks about being her own worst and best client and that she tried the cleanse 3 times in 3 months and discusses how, when she didn't follow her own advice, she had a hard time doing it, but when she followed the cleanse as it was meant to be it was perfect. 

19:33: Cassie talks about loving coaches that will do the work on themselves.

19:40: Cassie asks Jeanne to explain what the cleanse does.

19:43: Jeanne discusses how the cleanse is about supporting your body for 5 days with healthy eating and proper exercise and how we often are punishing ourselves and not handling our stress. 

21:07: Jeanne talks about how the cleanse is 5 days of supporting your body in the right way so you can start to address the hormone imbalances that come with menopause. 

21:44: Jeanne talks about how the cleanse is designed to deal with a lot of the common hormone imbalances so that you can start your path to taking control of your health.

22:03: Cassie wants Jeanne to talk about working and how it has felt recently.

22:09: Jeanne talks about how she, in the past, would feel like she had to sit at her desk 8 to 10 hours a day, wasn't getting anything done, and how she was chasing something that wasn't there.

22:47: Jeanne talks about how Cassie told her to schedule a sensible amount of time to dedicate to her work, and how she still wasn't productive except for when she would meet with Cassie.

23:32: Jeanne talks about how as she connects more with her Future Self, and gains more confidence in her message, she now enjoys the work, and how much time it takes doesn't matter anymore.

24:21: Cassie talks about how Jeanne is in the flow and asks her how she would define being in flow in the past.

24:41: Jeanne discusses that she thought going down rabbit trails where flow, how they were fun, but that they led nowhere and left her feeling stuck and is grateful that Cassie is there to get her out of those situations now.

25:27: Cassie and Jeanne talk about a rabbit hole being all the ideas you think will get you the results and give some examples of what Jeanne used to do.

26:09: Cassie talks about how a rabbit hole is the thing that feels exciting when you are chasing trying to connect with your client, because, as a coach, it is exciting to connect with your people.

26:44: Jeanne agrees with Cassie's description of a rabbit hole and discusses how she only believes in sharing products if she knows that they will help her people, and how she knows when she thinks a product is a good idea, she knows it's a rabbit hole. 

28:59: Cassie talks about how you don't have to chase what doesn't feel good when you're in flow. 

29:03: Cassie asks Jeanne what you do when you aren't in flow or feel you can't get into it.

29:16: Jeanne talks about how she will first try listening to meditation music and script, and if that doesn't put her in flow, she will take the dog for a walk, and if she still can't scrip, she will take the day off and do something fun.

30:23: Jeanne talks about when you aren't in flow, it isn't worth trying to force flow or working when you aren't connected to your clients. 

30:38: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has finally learned that lesson and that it is more powerful to walk away than try and force something.

31:01: Cassie wants to go back and talk about technical alignment versus energetic alignment and discuss how you can hit all of the things you are supposed to have to have a successful business, but without the energetic connection, it doesn't work.

32:04: Jeanne talks about how the technical stuff distracts her sometimes, but she now realizes that she is the only one who can speak to her client.

32:50: Jeanne talks about how she is in some groups and people will ask if they have a good sales pitch, and how she always answers back that I'm not your client, so why would my opinion matter.

33:23: Jeanne talks about how she believes that so many coaches think you can just tick the boxes and get the results, and how it doesn't work that way.

33:47: Cassie asks Jeanne why ticking the boxes doesn't work.

33: 49: Jeanne discusses that they don't work because there are only so many people you want to speak to and that by trying to reach all the people, you aren't connecting with the people who need you.

34:45: Jeanne talks about that because Cassie is connecting with Jeanne's Future Self, she can help Jeanne reach her clients in a way no one else can.

35:42: Cassie talks about how when she saw Jeanne's Future Self, she could help Jeanne find what she says to her clients. 

36:33: Jeanne talks about learning that what she thought her clients wanted wasn't what they wanted at all. 

36:45: Cassie talks about how Jeanne has been speaking to her clients for a while and that the more she steps into her Future Self, the clients she wants to help are showing up more and more.

37:27: Jeanne talks about how working with Cassie is more about manifesting the life she wants than it is about manifesting money.

39:18: Cassie asks Jeanne the primary reason someone would want to do her cleanse and how they can do it.

39:34: Jeanne talks about how the primary reason to do the cleanse is that you either don't feel like your best anymore, you just want to feel better, and/or that you are between the ages of 38 and 55; the cleanse will help change the way your body is acting.

40:11: Jeanne shares that you can find her at www.menopause.guru. 

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