34 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Ep. #257: Manifesting When You Feel Like a Rebel

Have you always felt like an outsider? Maybe a rebel?

If you answered yes, you are in good company. 

It's great to want more, believe more, and see more possibilities in the world than anyone else, but when your story becomes, "I'm a rebel," you start creating that experience everywhere you go. There isn't room for a different experience because you, consciously or unconsciously, need to create your story over and over again. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as she and Kimberly Hite dive deep into unraveling Kimberly's "I'm a rebel" story.

In this episode, you will hear that story disintegrate and shift into a deeper sense of belonging. 

Being a rebel is great unless it keeps you from what you desire, and the good news is that no matter the story you are living right now, if you want something different, you can have it.

Kimberly Hite is a magical artist who finds happiness in creating. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. When she's not following inspiration to create magic in her studio, you can find her laughing with her boys, scripting her Future Life, and cheerleading others to live life’s they love. If you would like to connect with Kimberly, the best place to find her is her personal Facebook page, Kimberly Hite.

00:33: Cassie talks about the last episode she did with Kimberly about Network Marketing. 

01:03: Cassie talks about how Kimberly has been in the Enchanted Circle a year because that is when she said yes, and discusses the magic of saying yes and going all in.

01:33: Cassie talks about how about a year ago, she sent out an offer for a 10-day pass to the Enchanted Circle.

01:48: Cassie asks Kimberly why she said yes.

01:51: Kimberly discusses how she followed Cassie for 3 years, had read and reread Cassie's books, how she was inspired to invest in herself, and how it is one of the best investments she has ever made.

02:28: Cassie talks about how she got an email from Kimberly asking if she should get started right away. 

02:42: Cassie discusses how she asked Kimberly if there was space to start right away or if she would instead enjoy the holidays and start when it felt right.

02:52: Cassie shares that Kimberly decided to wait for the right time and asks her if she feels like that impacted what happened next. 

03:00: Kimberly admits that it did because she gave herself permission to enjoy the holidays and how she gave herself the space to become the person who thrived in the Enchanted Circle.

03:23: Kimberly talks about how she was investing in 10 days but knew that she was invested in going long term.

03:38: Kimberly admits that she needed the baby step of 10 days to own going all in.

03:54: Cassie talks about how when she asks herself who her clients are, she knows that a lot of the time, they need that diving board and early success to go all in.

04:13: Cassie talks about bringing Pay After You Manifest back and using that to give people a taste of what is possible.

04:30: Cassie asks Kimberly why she decided she was in long term and how she made that decision.

04:51: Kimberly discusses how Cassie made it easy for her to make that decision and admits that she is currently scripting that in 5 years, she is still grateful that she is working with Cassie, so it is a no brainer that she should be working with her now. 

05:33: Kimberly admits that she is trusting her Future Self because she knows her Future Self is working with Cassie.

05:48: Cassie discusses that inspiration is not what you hope will get you where you want to go, but the thing you have to do.

06:17: Kimberly talks about how she has been going deeper and deeper into understanding the feeling of inspiration, how it is the thing you have to do, and how the Universe always delivers when she follows that feeling.

06:40: Cassie talks about co-creation and how what she does and what her clients want all works together to benefit everyone.

06:55: Kimberly admits that being in the Enchanted Circle is magical. 

07:15: Cassie asks Kimberly about the money she has manifested in the last year.

07:23: Kimberly admits that she doesn't have the exact number, but she is close to having manifested $88,000 in a year.

07:30: Cassie asks Kimberly how it feels to have manifested that much.

07:33: Kimberly discusses that it is incredible because she has never made that much money in a year before, how that is close to triple what she made working her corporate job working 40 hours a week, and how she hasn't worked anywhere near that much this year.

08:00: Kimberly talks about how money just shows up in her life and how fun it has been.

08:10: Cassie talks about how Kimberly had done Manifest $10K on her own and manifested $10K twice, but now Kimberly is at $88K because she committed herself to a year of doing the work.

08:22: Kimberly admits that when she manifested the $10K in the past, she got laid off from work and received $10K from her unemployment. 

08:34: Kimberly admits that she was amazed at how well Manifest $10K worked but wished she hadn’t gotten laid off. 

08:42: Cassie asks Kimberly if the money is coming in in different ways, and Kimberly admits that it is.

08:49: Cassie asks Kimberly what the biggest ah-ha or growth has been since her last interview.

08:53: Kimberly admits that she talked about it earlier but can't remember what it was.

08:27: Cassie reminds Kimberly that she realized that she had done enough and that that is huge.

09:08: Kimberly talks about how she volunteered to take on a project that she thought she would have help on and realized that she would be doing it independently.  

09:25: Kimberly talks about realizing that she took on more than she could do on her own.

09:38: Kimberly talks about how she realized that she was no longer inspired and that she did everything she could do on her own. 

10:01: She owned that she had done the best she could and that it would all work out. 

10:18: Kimberly discusses how it was a huge shift because she didn't feel guilty about her decision and how what she did do was good enough.

10:45: Cassie talks about how owning that you are enough opens you up to so much more and creates so much more magic.

11:11: Cassie talks about how you are creating when you are enough and how your life gets even more magical.

11:40: Kimberly discusses that it has been a journey to get to this point and that she has been saying it to herself, but she now owns that she is enough.

12:14: Cassie asks what coaching she has gotten to help create the shifts she has experienced.

12:22: Kimberly can't remember what she and Cassie had talked about, and Cassie reminded her that they had had to discuss judgment, how that tied into I'm enough, and how judgment was comfortable. 

12:33: Kimberly talks about how recently she has realized that she has a choice in what she wants to own as her truth and that she has become more aware of choosing what feels best to her.

12:55: Kimberly discusses that she hadn't realized that judging herself was her comfort zone, that now that no longer feels good, and that she wants more.

13:20: Kimberly discusses that she chooses to let that go and be in this new space that feels uncomfortable. 

13:29: Cassie talks about how new is uncomfortable even if that is what you want, and it is a weird space of both the old and the new not feeling great.

13:42: Kimberly talks about how she was going back to what was comfortable even though she is no longer that person.

13:51: Kimberly realizes that looking back, she can see how it took her a while to own that she was judging herself and that she wanted something different.

14:08: Cassie talks about that that is how it works because in the moment, it doesn't feel like a choice, and how as you start to ask how to let things go, you realize that it is just choosing what you want.

14:50: Kimberly discusses how much better it feels even if it is uncomfortable. 

15:00: Cassie talks about how it is worth getting comfortable in that uncomfortable space. 

15:07: Kimberly talks about how she wants more. 

15:12: Cassie discusses that Kimberly was scripting having amazing skin, then Kimberly joined Mary Kay, got the amazing skin she wanted, and then realized that she created that. 

15:28: Cassie discusses that Kimberly didn't script it and then try to figure out how to make it happen, how that is how she used to use scripting, and how having amazing skin is such evidence for her.

15:53: Kimberly admits that that is one thing that she will always remember because she never saw Mary Kay coming into her life. 

16:22: Kimberly discusses how it was something that she had to do, how she didn't understand why she had to do it at the time, but in hindsight saw there were many reasons she had to join Mary Kay.

17:00: Cassie talks about how Mary Kay is a fun story and how you think it will be the massive things that are your favorite stories, but it is a lot of the time the fun random ones that stick with you the most.

17:23: Cassie talks about how Kimberly knows it's happening because she makes really smart investments now, and asks Kimberly how it feels to be that person.

17:32: Kimberly tells a story that recently she didn't make a great investment, and how it was a learning experience. 

17:50: Kimberly talks about that she knows she makes smart investments because she invested in working 5 years with Cassie and how investing in herself is huge because she is worthy of that investment. 

18:14: Kimberly talks about how she manifested 1-on-1's with Cassie, knew that she had to do them, and how they are a smart investment.

19:00: Cassie asks Kimberly about manifesting being closer to her kids than she ever thought possible. 

19:08: Kimberly discusses that she used to have the story that teenage boys didn't want to hang out with their moms and that she started scripting being closer with her boys. 

19:33: Kimberly discusses how when there are important things to talk about, they come to her to talk about it.

19:40: Kimberly talks about how her son called from Alaska and spoke for an hour on the phone.

19:51: Kimberly recognizes that the Enchanted Circle has allowed her to have more in-depth conversations with her kids because of who she is showing up as.

20:30: Kimberly talks about how she loves her relationships with her boys.

20:42: Cassie asks Kimberly how she has seen her Future Self show up in the last few months.

20:47: Kimberly talks about how she shows up more confident and honest and asks for what she wants and what she needs.  

21:21: Kimberly talks about how her Future Self shows up in the moments where she needs support in being authentic.

21:30: Cassie asks Kimberly about showing up quiet.

21:35: Kimberly talks about how she is always getting ideas, how she feels like she has to act on all of them, how her Future Self has taught her to acknowledge the ideas and realize that she doesn't have to act on them just because she thought them. 

22:02: Kimberly discusses that she now sees that she has a choice in what ideas she wants to pursue, and she realizes that she can choose only to pursue the ideas she is inspired to and can let go of the rest.

22:23: Kimberly discusses how it feels so much better only to pursue ideas that are inspired. 

22:29: Cassie asks Kimberly what the biggest way she has grown or shifted in the past few months is.

22:37: Kimberly talks about how the biggest thing she has realized is that she is worthy and can be herself and belong.

23:12: Cassie talks about how Kimberly's growth is so much more than just the money in her life and that there are so many more awesome things.

23:31: Kimberly talks about how she used to think that manifesting was all about money, that money was the solution to all of her problems, and that she has learned that she emotionally feels better, that she loves the feeling, and the feeling is what brings the money.

24:06: Kimberly discusses how money keeps showing up and that it gives her so many choices. 

24:16: Kimberly knows now that it is all about following what feels good. 

24:20: Kimberly admits that she is deeply happy every day, and she wants more of that. 

24:32: Cassie asks Kimberly if she has any questions for Cassie.

24:50: Kimberly asks Cassie what changes she has seen in Kimberly over the past year.

25:03: Cassie talks about how Kimberly came into coaching so open that it allowed her to let go and shift really fast. 

25:20: Cassie discusses how she had to help Kimberly realize that she didn't have to continue to heal the past anymore, that she gets to choose that she is okay and doesn't have to analyze the past.

25:48: Cassie discusses how Kimberly has stepped into choosing to no longer analyze.

25:56: Cassie discusses how Kimberly stepped out of analyzing and into her Future Self through doing the work. 

26:41: Cassie discusses who Kimberly was initially and how she doesn't recognize that person a year later.

27:05: Kimberly asks Cassie about how she knows her client's Future Selves.

27:24: Cassie discusses that she sees her client's Future Self in the workshop, and that is why she always goes back to the work that is done in those workshops.

27:58: Cassie talks about how she hears and sees her clients' Future Selves in the workshops

28:21: Cassie talks about how all of her coaching comes from what comes up in those workshops.

28:27: Cassie talks about how coaching can be similar for multiple people, that sometimes it is more specific to each person, but everything comes from the work done in the workshop.

29:03: Cassie discusses how once she knows someone's Future Self, she can catch when you aren't being true to the person you are becoming.

29:15: Kimberly talks about how cool that is and how she wanted to understand how Cassie does things. 

29:40: Kimberly talks about how Cassie is interested in how the brain works and wanted to understand how she knows someone's Future Self.

29:56: Cassie talks about how she would love to talk more about knowing her clients' Future Selves and how the workshops are a space that people think they are creating a dream, but in reality, they are creating a place in time.

30:10: Cassie discusses how you are creating a place in time in the workshop and because time isn't linear, it shows people the person you will become someday.

30:38: Kimberly talks about how the exciting part of working with Cassie is realizing how much of what she is scripting is already in her life and how she thought she would have to wait 5 years to experience what she was scripting.

30:55: Cassie asks Kimberly if there is anything else she would like to talk about.

31:00: Kimberly talks about that she is on a natural high and that she is so grateful she said yes to working with Cassie.

31:30: Kimberly and Cassie discuss how they have 4 more years to work together. 

32:08: Cassie asks Kimberly where they can connect with her.

32:23: Kimberly shares you can connect with her on her personal Facebook page Kimberly Hite.

Be sure to tune in next week as we dive into another amazing interview series!!!

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