39 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Ep. #256: Manifesting and Network Marketing

Kimberly's Future Self led her to 3 network marketing companies. The third one happened so inspired it left her thinking, "What did I just do?" 

These were all inspired, and they taught, and are still teaching, her how to sift through inspiration, and how to really stay true to the Law of Attraction foundation she has built while doing what was inspired.

Network marketing companies often have a "system" you are supposed to follow to be successful. And that system is usually based more on pushing than leveraging the Law of Attraction. 

After being inspired to join the third network marketing company, Kimberly had to navigate how to stay out of the push and in inspired action. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Kimberly Hite again joins her to discuss all things network marketing, the Law of Attraction, inspired action, and how all of these things played out in Kimberly's life.

Kimberly Hite is a magical artist who finds happiness in creating. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. When she's not following inspiration to create magic in her studio, you can find her laughing with her boys, scripting her Future Life, and cheerleading others to live lives they love. If you would like to connect with Kimberly, the best place to find her is her personal Facebook page, Kimberly Hite.

00:40: Cassie introduces the topic of MLM's (Multi-Level Marketing) and the Law of Attraction.

01:13: Cassie asks Kimberly what is awesome, and Kimberly talks about how it is awesome that she is ready for Christmas. 

01:48: Cassie talks about how Kimberly has been on her journey a year.

02:30: Kimberly talks about how this has been the best investment ever to work with Cassie.

02:50: Cassie wants to talk about how Kimberly used to be a money chaser and why she joined the Enchanted Circle.

03:20: Kimberly talks about how she joined an MLM when her son was a baby and how she joined many over the last 20 years.

03: 48: Kimberly talks about the most recent MLM's she has joined.

04:05: Kimberly talks about how she thought she joined Color Street (MLM) for the discount and how she thought that it is something women use, so it should be easy to sell. Then the pandemic hit, and she just felt like she was annoying her friends and family and how it didn't feel good.

04:28: Kimberly talks about how she still uses the product but isn't inspired to do anything else with it.

04:35: Cassie talks about the difference between following inspired action to join and when joining is actually a how.

05:26: Cassie talks about how Kimberly never felt she had to go out and sell, but she was selling.

05:35: Cassie asks Kimberly to talk about how selling Color Street by the pool was different from selling in the past.

05:42: Kimberly tells the story of going to the pool, telling a stranger about the product, and how she sold four sets. 

06:25: Kimberly talks about how this was entirely out of her comfort zone and was organic and inspired.

06:53: Kimberly talks about how the whole situation was organic, how she let it unfold naturally, and how this felt so much better than cold calling like she would have in the past. 

07:30: Cassie talks about how Kimberly's Future Self has led her to these opportunities to bring in fast, easy money and allowed her to grow in the fastest way possible.  

08:06: Cassie talks about how we are given chances to do things differently when we connect with our Future Selves.

08:20: Cassie talks about how it felt good to Kimberly to want to sell Color Street, and when that shifted, she chose to stop.

08:30: Cassie asks Kimberly about how she feels about deciding to stop selling Color Street verses how she would have felt in the past.

08:35: Kimberly talks about how she would have had a judgment about leaving in the past, shares how she reached out to the woman above her, and that she responded with how great Kimberly would be at it. 

08:50: Kimberly talks about how she owned that she was no longer inspired to sell and just wanted to buy the product and not sell it. 

09:03: Kimberly talks about how she sold off all of her product in bulk and made $285 in the process.

09:15: Kimberly talks about how there was no guilt in not wanting to be a part of that MLM anymore and how that was different than in the past.

09:24: Cassie asks Kimberly if she had experienced guilt in the past.

09:28: Kimberly talks about how in MLM or Network Marketing, there are people above you, and the more you sell, the more they make.  

10:10: Kimberly admits she would feel like she was letting the people above her down if she wasn't selling what was expected of her. 

10:26: Kimberly talks about how this time she felt like it wasn't inspired and had no responsibility to her up-line. 

10:37: Cassie talks about the expectation of working in an MLM. 

10:21: Cassie asks Kimberly about joining Mary Kay.

11:00: Kimberly tells the story about how she was introduced to the opportunity and how she could get started for $75. 

11:25: Kimberly talks about how she just signed up, didn't even think about it, and how afterward she asked herself why she did it. 

11:40: Kimberly talks about how she had to get on a call and ask Cassie why she just joined another MLM.

11:54: Kimberly explains how it was an out of body experience joining, how she just did it and had no idea what happened afterward.

12:12: Cassie talks about how Color Street and Mary Kay were different and similar for Kimberly and how they were the next step.

12:40: Kimberly admits that at the moment, she didn't realize she was taking the next step and had no idea what to think. 

13:00: Kimberly admits that the only reason she did it was that she was inspired to.

13:04: Kimberly talks about how she had a 2-hour script assignment to do after all of that happened, how she had to reread the original from the workshop, that in it she wrote that she enjoys amazing skin, and how she forgot she wrote that.

13:27: Kimberly talks about how all of this was totally inspired and what she had learned from the experience.

13:40: Cassie wants to talk to Kimberly about the lessons she has learned.

13:51: Cassie talks about how she was in an MLM, how she learned a lot, but it wasn't a great experience, and how she would do it so differently now.  

14:13: Cassie wants to talk about how MLMs pitch living a different life, and how you sign up to do it differently and get put into a box because it is an easy business plan to follow, but it doesn't always line up with LOA.

15:00: Cassie asks Kimberly if she felt like she was put into that box.

15:08: Kimberly talks about how she got on a few calls asking Cassie how to get out of the box and do it her way, and how it didn't feel good to do it the Mary Kay way.

15:38: Cassie talks about how when Kimberly started, she had a lot of success in her first month, and how after she got promoted and was put in a leadership role, things began to shift.

16:04: Cassie talks about how Kimberly had to change the story that she was rebellious because she didn't want to do it their way.

16:16: Cassie talks about how they did some coaching to switch the story from I'm rebelling to I'm following my intuition, which is what got her to this point.

16:25: Kimberly talks about how she forgot about all of the success she was having in the beginning and how that shifted when she started training to help other people grow their businesses. 

17:02: Kimberly talks about how she felt like a rebel because she didn't what to do the training the way they wanted her to, how she liked the first month, how it was no longer fun, and how she stopped showing up and being authentic.

17:47: Kimberly talks about how she was in the how and trying to figure out what to tell her director to explain herself, and she realized that she doesn't have to explain herself to anyone and can do what she wants in her business.

18:05: Kimberly talks about how she felt responsible for helping her director reach her million-dollar goal and learned a lesson about investing money she wouldn't typically have invested.  

18:29: Kimberly talks about how she knows that money is coming back to her, but that the process has been hard because she realized that she was trying to convince herself that what she was doing was inspired.

18:48: Cassie talks about how joining three MLM's is the story of a money chaser, but that as a whole, joining these MLM's is not the story of a money chaser, and explains how what Kimberly did is different than chasing money. 

19:40: Cassie talks about how doing the work changes you and that things become inspired as you grow and the meaning changes.

20:00: Cassie talks about how people get inspired and then get in and start to push and asks Kimberly how she knew that she was no longer inspired after she joined.

20:17: Kimberly admits that she knew it wasn't inspired because she had to ask herself if it was inspired, and how she knows if it's inspired you don't have to ask if it is.

20:25: Kimberly admits that she was going back and forth on if she should do it or not, and she talked herself into it so that she could work to double her money.

20:35: Kimberly talks about winning $500 that she knew she would use for Christmas, how this launch convinced her she could double her Christmas money, and how that is not what happened.

21:00: Kimberly talks about how the big ah-ha was realizing that it wasn't inspired.

21:20: Cassie talks about how surprised she was that Kimberly invested when she spoke to Kimberly on a call and thought she wasn't going to invest and then did, and how Kimberly then realized that she wasn't following inspiration. 

21:50: Kimberly talks about how she was able to grow from the experience, how it helped her to better trust herself and her intuition, and how that is something that you continue to improve upon.

22:22: Kimberly admits that she forced herself to make that investment, and how she knows that that money will come back to her because she is continuing to trust. 

22:45: Cassie talks about how it is okay just to get the money back or just take the lesson from it to take it to the next level, and know that the money will come back to her.

23:20: Cassie talks about how joining MLM's is often pushed and tells a story about when she joined an MLM.

23:54: Cassie talks about how now she would ask herself if she was inspired before she would invest any money.

24:11: Cassie talks about how people often get pushed when they join MLM's but that it can be a beautiful place if done through inspiration.

24:24: Cassie talks about how loving the product is the first step in building a successful MLM business. 

24:30: Kimberly talks about the third MLM she is a part of, Isagenix. She discusses how she does it for her health and isn't trying to build the business. 

24:55: Kimberly admits that she has lost 40 pounds with the products, yet there is no other inspiration.

25:04: Kimberly talks about how she loves Color Street, but she gave it up and realized the discount isn't really that important to her. She realized that what is important is to support other people's businesses instead of building her own.

25:30: Kimberly talks about how she has had some inspired ideas of things to do with Mary Kay, how some of them were a bust, how they were fun, and how she made $150.

25:54: Kimberly discusses how she no longer wants to chase the pink Cadillac and wants a silver glittered Beetle instead.

26:14: Kimberly talks about how she is still using Mary Kay products, loves them, and loves investing in herself.

26:36: Kimberly talks about keeping her page to empower women and will no longer push to grow that business. 

27:00: Kimberly admits that she knows that amazing things will come from that inspiration and is excited to see what they are.

27:11: Cassie talks about how the Universe delivers us the easiest path to get the experiences we need to become our Future Self and how following inspiration will lead you there.

27:38: Cassie discusses how the magic happens when you go all-in into inspiration and stop when it no longer feels good.

27:52: Kimberly discusses that she realized that in the past, she didn't want to accept recognition, and how Mary Kay showed her that recognition could be fun, but then realized that she had to sell $1800 to earn a $21 prize.

28:40: Kimberly talks about how she realized that if she wanted the prizes, she could invest her own money in it, and the value would have been higher.

29:00: Kimberly talks about how the most incredible thing she has gotten out of this experience is confidence and that that is a step to her Future Self. 

29:23: Kimberly talks about how she was confident enough to go to her director and say that she wasn't inspired to chase or push for sales and that she wants it to be organic. Therefore, she will not do what she was being taught to do and admits that owning that was new for her.

29:49: Kimberly talks about how this was a lesson in owning who she is and what she wants, that that is okay and that it is not her responsibility to make her director successful.

30:13: Cassie asks Kimberly what her director's response was.

30:20: Kimberly talks about how her director wants her to be successful no matter what she is doing and that she will support her in whatever way she needs. And how awesome it is to have someone who just wants to support her no matter what she does.

31:11: Kimberly admits that she was putting herself in the box, and her director just wanted her to succeed.

31:27: Cassie talks about how Kimberly felt that she was rebellious and how that story made it seem like she didn't fit in and it wasn't going to work.

31:43: Kimberly realizes that saying she is a rebel is a story that she has been telling most of her life and that she is learning even in this interview.

32:05: Because Kimberly had an ah-ha, Cassie asks her how realizing that she could be her and be supported will change her story moving forward.

32:32: Kimberly says she doesn't know, but she has tingles and that it is magical.

32:45: Cassie talks about how it will be different, that the shift is something she can feel, that that is how stories shift, and the tingle is Kimberly letting go of the old and stepping into the new. 

33:19: Kimberly says she is still tingling and has tears in her eyes because she has wanted to belong all of her life and that now she knows she can belong and be herself.

33:55: Kimberly owns that she belongs and is 100% authentically herself and that that is something that she scripts.

34:38: Cassie asks Kimberly what advice she would give someone that is drawn to joining an MLM and want to do it LOA style.

34:57: Kimberly talks about how she tells everyone they need to join the Enchanted Circle and that they should only join an MLM if they are inspired to.

36:18: Kimberly also advises to meet the other people involved in the MLM.

36:26: Cassie discusses that you get to choose.

36:32: Kimberly agrees that you have a choice, and if you join out of inspiration, you are allowed to stop when it is no longer inspired and do something different.

36:57: Cassie asks Kimberly how people can connect with her.

37:02: Kimberly talks about how she no longer has a website and that you can find her on her FaceBook page Kimberly Hite.

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