30 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

Ep. #254: Using the Law of Attraction to Fix Yourself for Good

How long have you been trying to fix yourself?

Fixing yourself rarely works, as you might have experienced. 

There is something that works much better. 

That is stepping into your Future Self. 

Kimberly has learned and experienced how to "step in" rather than "fix." 

She came to The Enchanted Circle with a habit of trying to fix herself, which wasn't bad. She wanted what anyone reading this wants... to be better. 

Along the way, she started fixing things to be better. That often works in the beginning. And then there comes a point where you can't fix anything else. You have to start stepping into a new version of yourself to become the person you desire to be. 

Join your host Cassie Parks as Kimberly Hite again joins her, and they discuss how she stopped fixing her life, started stepping into her Future Self, and the amazing results she has had from becoming instead of fixing. 

00:40: Cassie asks Kimberly what's awesome, and Kimberly talks about how her new money manifested total is $80,030.34. She has noticed that she is stepping into her Future Self and following inspired actions that her Future Self is leading her to.

01:42: Cassie asks Kimberly about the inspired actions she has had, and Kimberly discusses how she got on a launch party on Facebook, and she became a Mary Kay consultant. She also discusses how it all happened through inspired action and how amazing it has been.

02:40: Kimberly talks about how she signed up 2 weeks ago and cannot believe her results.

03:05: Kimberly talks about how it was all possible because she followed inspiration. 

03:13: Cassie points out that everything has been fun and easy and that Kimberly is also making money simultaneously.

03:19: Kimberly talks about getting a $50 bonus, $206 of free product, and earrings in the mail from her director as encouragement. 

03:35: Kimberly talks about how she was scripting about working with amazing and powerful women, and she is living that life by working as a Mary Kay consultant.

04:10: Cassie talks about how it is amazing that it was something that Kimberly never thought of before, but her Future Self led her there, and she said yes!

04:30: Cassie talks about how saying yes has given Kimberly the experience of making money while watching her son play football.

04:44: Kimberly talks about how she launched her Mary Kay business at her son's first varsity football game and how amazing it was to enjoy life and make money at the same time.

05:10: Kimberly talks about how she couldn't have imagined any of that happening or how it could have been any more perfect if she planned for it to be. 

05:45: Cassie discusses how everything is happening because of who Kimberly is and how people limit the possibilities because of their beliefs.

06:28: Kimberly talks about how she did a video bringing all of what she is doing together because it was inspired and fun, and how she will keep doing it until it is no longer fun.

07:11: Kimberly talks about how she had put herself in a box and realized that she could work her business and be at the football game simultaneously.

07:48: Cassie talks about how easy and freeing it is to do what you want.

08:03: Cassie asks Kimberly how she thought it would be versus how it's been, and about getting away from fixing and stepping into her Future Self.

08:50: Kimberly talks about how her old story is that she would analyze things, and that is how she would try to fix them. She talks about how she had to make a shift, do her assignments, not worry if they were perfect, and realized forcing doesn't work. 

09:10: Kimberly talks about how she connected that when she analyzes, she is doing so to try and fix something.

09:20: Kimberly talks about how stepping into her Future Self started by doing the assignments and not analyzing them.  

09:35: Kimberly talks about how scripting helped her see when she was trying to force things and how she has used Cassie's help to step further into her Future Self.

10:37: Cassie talks about how Kimberly used fixing and analyzing to get her to the point she is now, that there are phases to growth, that you have to let go of processes that no longer serve you, and how people get in their head as they start to do Future Self work.

12:03: Kimberly talks about how she would analyze to get where she was going faster. 

12:12: Cassie talks about how Kimberly has learned to turn off the analyzing and step into her Future Self. 

12:30: Kimberly talks about how she never thought she would be selling Mary Kay, but she knows she was led there by her Future Self.

12:50: Kimberly talks about how she kept asking the same questions about inspiration, how it clicked one day, and how now she sees what is unfolding because she is following inspired action.

13:30: Kimberly talks about how she is now trusting her Future Self to guide her to the life she wants.

13:50: Cassie asks Kimberly how the process has been different than she thought it would be because she had followed Cassie for a long time before starting to work with her.

14:14: Kimberly admits that she thought scripting was forcing what she wanted on the Universe in writing and how she now knows that is not what scripting is.

14:30:  Kimberly talks about how she was limiting herself by scripting the wrong way, how learning to script has changed everything, and how she now knows that it is about allowing and not forcing.

15:42: Cassie talks about how she knows that Kimberly thought to be successful she would have to do many things she didn't want to do, and how it is really about doing what she wants and allowing things to unfold.

16:12: Kimberly talks about how much better it is to do it Cassie's way and to get what she wants than to try and force something that wasn't working.

16:34: Cassie asks Kimberly how it feels to get what she wants all of the time.

16:41: Kimberly talks about how she has to pinch herself because she is getting exactly what she wants in ways she never saw possible.

17:09: Kimberly talks about how what she really wants is not the things, but to feel deeply happy. And how magical it is to manifest all of the amazing things along the way while feeling deeply happy.

17:39: Cassie asks Kimberly if she feels like she has grown and become a better mom since joining the Enchanted Circle.

17:55: Kimberly talks about how her 3 boys are her world and how she wants to lead by example. One game-changer for Kimberly since joining the Enchanted Circle is the importance of feeling your feelings and how to give space to others and allow them to feel their feelings.

19:10: Kimberly tells a story about one of her sons being angry and getting on a call to ask Cassie what to do because she wanted to make him feel better and fix it. Cassie taught her that she needed to tell him to feel his feelings. Kimberly talks about how that shifted her relationship with her son and how she interacts with all of her kids.

20:20: Cassie talks about how Kimberly was doing what most moms do by trying to lessen what her kids were feeling and trying to explain behaviors. Cassie taught Kimberly that it is more powerful to teach them to feel, however they feel. 

20:40: Kimberly knows she is a better mom now because she feels her feelings, she can allow her family to feel their feelings, and she can be supportive and not try to fix anything.

21:20: Kimberly talks about how amazing it is that her growth allowed her to help her family in such a profound way.

21:40: Cassie wants to share one more story about one of Kimberly's sons. Kimberly came to a call and said that her son was upset because he could not spend time with someone, and Kimberly worked with Cassie to switch her from feeling crushed to feeling proud.

22:14: Kimberly talks about how her and her husband had been separated, and he had moved out. One of their sons was having anger issues, and Kimberly was trying to help and fix it. Their son felt bad because his dad would spend time with others but not him.

22:55: Kimberly realized that she wasn't going to chase people to be in her life, and that day Kimberly's son told her that he wasn't going to force his dad to spend time with him.

23:28: Kimberly talks about how Cassie helped her realize that her son is super smart for setting boundaries at 17, and realized that she is so proud of her son for not chasing people. 

24:10: Kimberly talks about the effort she has put into herself and loves being an example for her kids.

24:40: Cassie asks Kimberly if there is anything else she wants to share.

24:47: Kimberly talks about how she finds pennies everywhere and tells a story about how a pebble got stuck in her shoe, and she found a quarter when she stopped to get it out.

25:33: Cassie talks about how the universe is always trying to get our attention to show us the path to what we want.

26:33: Kimberly talks about how she always asks, "What is the universe is bringing me today?" when she gets stuck behind a tractor. And how whenever there is an inconvenience, she wonders where it will lead.

27:30: Kimberly talks about where you can connect with her and closes by talking about how grateful she is for the Enchanted Circle and why you should join if you are interested.

Kimberly Hite is a magical artist who finds happiness in creating. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own, but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. When she's not following inspiration to create magic in her studio, you can find her laughing with her boys, scripting her Future Life and cheer leading others to live lives they love.  If you would like to connect with Kimberly, the best place to find her is her personal Facebook page, Kimberly Hite.

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