36 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Are You Chasing the Law of Attraction Magic?

Do you download a new book every month? Maybe you read it; maybe you don't. Do you sign up for lots of free things promising to teach you how to get what you want? Or, are you always looking for the next thing to "learn" to get better at the law of attraction? What if you stopped and committed to one of the things you're doing? What if you picked one path, one teacher, one program to follow, and you say "no" to all the other quick fixes.  Join your host Cassie Parks as Jeanne again joins her and they discuss what is possible when you stop chasing and start becoming.  00:40: Cassie asks Jeanne what's awesome. 00:42: Jeanne talks about redoing her email series and how amazing it was to see the work she has been doing with Cassie pay off. 01:20: Cassie talks about how amazing it is that Jeanne loves her email series. 01:29: Jeanne discusses how different she feels about her emails now than in the past. 01:36: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk more about being less judgmental of herself. 01:40: Jeanne talks about how she has always been a perfectionist, how striving for perfection has evolved into accepting good enough, and how good enough is perfect. 02:36: Jeanne talks about getting an email from a client, that she worked with 8 years ago, about how the current information Jeanne is sharing is helping her now. 03: 04: Cassie asks Jeanne how it feels to get the feedback of helping someone. 03:07: Jeanne talks about how awesome it is and that it was even better to have someone she worked with 8 years ago come back and say that her tips are still helping. 03:23: Cassie talks about what happens when you speak to the people you want to reach. 03:32: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how less is more when communicating with her clients.  03:46: Jeanne talks about how she loves science, felt that she needed to share all of that information to help her clients and that sharing the science isn't what her people need from her. 05:00: Jeanne talks about reading articles about the science, wanting to share this information, and then realized that what she really needed to share was how the information she learned is beneficial to other people. 05:58: Cassie asks Jeanne what the Menopause Guru does for the people she works with. 06:08: Jeanne talks about how her magic is helping people realize where they are on their Menopause Journey and how to feel better now. 06:50: Cassie asks Jeanne what she would have said about what she did 2 or 3 years ago.  06:55: Jeanne talks about how, in the past, she would have had a long description of what she did.  07:20: Cassie talks about how entrepreneurs benefit so much by connecting with their Future Selves and their Future Clients because they get clarity on what they do and how they connect with people. 07:55: Cassie asks Jeanne to talk about how Jeanne did something Cassie told her never to do, and she did it anyway. 08:09: Jeanne talks about how about 1 and a ½ years ago Cassie told her she had to be all in or Cassie would fire her as a client, that Cassie wanted Jeanne to talk to her about joining new things before joining, and how Jeanne stuck to that until about 3 weeks ago. 08:48: Jeanne talks about how someone made her an offer, and Jeanne signed up without talking to Cassie, and how it was okay because it was Cassie's program she signed up for. 09:14: Cassie talks about how Jeanne did a check-in and said she signed up and then asks Jeanne how taking a year and a half saying no to new programs effected what happened next. 09:47: Jeanne talks about how when you are chasing the next big thing, you just jump from one to the other without giving it time to be implemented or let it work, and that it puts too much in your head to get anywhere.   10:30: Jeanne tells a story about her accountability partner and how she sees her chasing the next big thing that will change her business.  11:30: Cassie talks about seeing her friend chasing.  11:42: Jeanne talks about how she would investe in a program, do a third of it, say it's not working, go on to the next thing, and how she used to use that as a way of blaming the programs for not working. 12:14: Jeanne talks about when she chose to commit to doing one thing, she learned how to go deeper and has so much more clarity on what she is doing. 13:01: Cassie talks about how Jeanne can have conversations because of the work she did in her business, how Jeanne created her own process to go deeper, and asks Jeanne how it feels. 14:00: Jeanne talks about how she and Cassie talked and how afterward Jeanne sat down and created the formula that is helping to take her business to the next level.  15:22: Jeanne talks about signing up for someone's 100 best email idea list and thought it was great but not for what she is doing, and how she knows what her people need to hear to get where they want to be.  16:07: Cassie asks Jeanne how she knew she needed to say yes to the Enchanted Business Circle.  16:16: Jeanne talks about being on an Enchanted Circle call and hearing someone ask the same questions she used to ask in the past. She realized what she was hearing and how much she has grown and how she is ready for a community that will help her grow her business the way the Enchanted Circle has helped her. 18:12: Cassie talks about seeing where you came from when you are in the group.  18:30: Jeanne talks about how easy it is to feel like you aren't getting anywhere and how when you feel that way, the coaching groups shows you how far you have come.  19:20: Cassie talks about the intention of the group is for people to see their growth and asks Jeanne about her husband's car accident.  19:47: Jeanne talks about it being scary and tells the story of how an 18-wheeler hit her husband's car, how he ended up in the hospital, and how she felt about everything that happened. 21:36: Jeanne talks about how she realized that everything was going to be okay and that everything did work out for the best.  22:18: Cassie asks Jeanne how that is different than in the past.  22:26: Jeanne talks about how in the past she would have stayed in the energy of this is the worst for weeks, and this time she stopped that and stopped trying to figure out how to fix it or figure out how it will work out.  23:24: Cassie asks Jeanne what it means not to have to be the how person. 23:34: Jeanne talks about how she used to plan everything and how she was completely thrown when things didn't work out.   24:03: Jeanne talks about how you can't control the world, but you can take your best next step and ask how you feel.  24:41: Cassie talks about how Jeanne realized that this accident could bring other things to fruition that Jeanne has been scripting. 24:58: Jeanne talks about waiting to see what happens but that the accident could very well take them to the next step. 25:46: Cassie asks Jeanne how she thinks she would have reacted in this situation if she hadn't been working with Cassie. 26:00: Jeanne discusses that she would be angry, thinking about going back to a regular job to feel more secure, and would resent the situation. 26:56: Cassie talks about how Jeanne going back to work would change her relationship.  27:00: Jeanne admits that going back to work would change everything.  27:15: Cassie and Jeanne talk about that they are glad she did the work. 27:20: Cassie talks about how Jeanne putting the work into her business has allowed her to be where she is now. 27:52: Jeanne agrees and talks about how because her work is about changing other people's lives, both wives and husbands, that she has the opportunity to change hundreds of thousands of lives through her work.  29:48: Cassie asks Jeanne how her Future Self has been showing up more as the Menopause Guru in the past couple of weeks.    29:59: Jeanne talks about taking weekends off and that the ease in business comes from taking time off and not feeling guilty about it. 31:11: Jeanne talks about how it is getting so much easier to own who she is and what she does to help the people she needs to help, and how fun it is to step in and own that. 32:20: Cassie asks Jeanne how people can connect with her.  32:29: Jeanne talks about going to www.menopause.guru or Facebook: Menopause Guru, that her books are on Amazon or menopausebooks.com  33:16: Cassie asks Jeanne what advice she would give herself 5 years ago. 33:24: Jeanne talks about how she had to go through the journey the way she did to get where she is and how you need to find someone that resonates with you and follows one voice. 
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