40 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

81. OsteoBoost: A Vibration Belt to Prevent Osteoporosis | Laura Yecies

“We are addressing a problem that affects 50 million Americans, half of all women will have a fracture due to low bone density.” -Laura Yecies   Laura Yecies is the CEO of Bone Health Technologies. This company created OsteoBoost, a vibration belt designed to prevent osteoporosis. Laura’s goal is to be involved with innovations to improve health outcomes. She is a serial entrepreneur, formerly CEO at SyncThink, Catch (acq. Apple), and SugarSync (acq. J2). She has led multiple successful brands at Check Point, Netscape, and Yahoo.  Laura received her MBA from Harvard, has an MSFS from Georgetown and her AB in Government from Dartmouth. In today’s interview we discuss how OsteoBoost works, who it is intended for, the research, and how it can be part of a comprehensive program for optimal bone health. This is cutting edge information that you don’t want to miss!   Links: OsteoBoost Device Updates List  Bone Health Technologies Find your fracture risk! Get Margie’s posture exercises and stay updated on OsteoBoost and new developments in osteoporosis and more! Timestamps: [02:00] Laura’s introduction: why bones? [05:40] What is OsteoBoost and what does it do? [15:31] How does this tie into the health of not just our bones- but the rest of our body? [17:32] What is Virtuost? What is the future of OsteoBoost? [22:19] More on OsteoBoost: who is suffering from osteopenia? [27:37] Testing for osteoporosis and osteopenia
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