38 minutes | Jun 22nd 2018

Episode 16 - Stacy Hayes - Round 1

This week the boys talk about dogs, ladders and festivals (held in honour of Miles' scrape with the french girl)This episode is not for the faint-hearted. In the wake of some recent heartbreaking suicides of some well-known faces, the boys address the subject head-on with their guest Stacy "The Hammer" Hayes. Stacy is tough. She's an MMA fighter - 8th in the world in the Welterweight division. But she's here to talk about her biggest fight - with depression(see what we did there...) They don't call her "The Hammer" for nothing.Find Stacy on:Twitter: @stacythehammer1Instagram: thehammerhayes(Note from Sam: Sorry for the episode confusion over the last few weeks. We recorded this before episode 15!)