21 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

#2.6.Body – Your body’s in-built Midlife Red Flag System

Series 2 – Episode 6: BODY AS BRAIN – It’s the third corner piece of your Midlife Happiness Puzzle! We begin our exploration of the Mind:Body Connection and how to tap into its power for your long lasting happiness. Coach Julia Seal introduces one of her favourite tools, one she uses herself every day and one that is foundational to exploring your body’s wisdom in our Brain Management journey – your Midlife Red Flag warning System. Look at Red Flags as they’re built into our language in order to identify your own Red Flags – from pirates’ warnings to sharks and wildfires. Find the “Flight or Flight” system that’s unique to you and what’s actually happening inside your body when this system is triggered. Then dig deeper into the more subtle signals of your somatic experience – the little sign posts on your day’s journey that something is not quite right for you, when you’re off track in your life. By following Julia’s simple steps to doing this, you can create your own inner reference system and even discover how to use midlife irritation and midlife exhaustion to your advantage – how these can actually show you, moment-by-moment, the way forward to your best life! Join Julia here on the podcast to start living into your best life, today.   "May you be Happy, May you be Free - there is no better time to coach together!" DON’T MISS an episode. SUBSCRIBE for free & have each one delivered to your device automatically. Subscribe to Julia’s Coaching Notes by eMail Subscribe on your favorite podcast player – search for ‘Happiness Matters in Midlife’ to finds us   Find Everything at: https://happiness-matters.coach/
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