21 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

#2.12.Meditation – Brain waves you want in Midlife – γ β α θ δ

Series 2 – Episode 12: MEDITATION – What’s happening inside your brain while you are meditating? Join coach Julia Seal to find out more about your brain wave patterns, which ones are at play when you’re meditating & which ones you might want to increase, when. Discover how to switch from one brain pattern to another so your brain is working optimally for you, throughout your day, not only when you’re meditating. Go into more detail on how meditation can change your brain as soon as you sit on the mat, as well as how it can help you alter the very structure & function of your brain, including those really deep-seated Midlife character traits! Want to feel calmer, more relaxed, peaceful? Meditation can do this – but how about increasing your mental dexterity, giving you laser-like focus, increasing your brain circuitry for empathy & increasing your capacity for creative insights... wow... Also, find out more about one tricky Happiness Trap just waiting for you when you start out meditating, especially as a Midlife professional woman & how to avoid it, so Wholebeing Happiness & the benefits of meditation can unfold in your life. Special offer too - Jump on a quick coaching call with Julia to help you with your meditation practice: “UNSTUCK - the magic of Midlife Momentum!” Join Julia here on the podcast to start living into your best life, today. "May you be Happy, May you be Free - there is no better time to coach together!" DON’T MISS an episode. SUBSCRIBE for free & have each one delivered to your device automatically. Subscribe to Julia’s Coaching Notes by eMail Subscribe on your favorite podcast player – search for ‘Happiness Matters in Midlife’ to finds us Find Everything at: https://happiness-matters.coach/
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