25 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

#1.63.REVIEW – Balance & your Right to Disconnect

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We’re taking a short break between series – this gives YOU a chance to catch-up on past episodes & ME a chance to sleep in! I’ve been up every morning at 5am for 16 months creating The Happiness-Matters Podcast :-)

But, I'm not leaving you without any coaching – in each week of the break we’ll revisit the go-to episodes for Series 1: Defining, Assessing & Visioning your Happiness.

Looking forward to being with you again in Series 2 - all about managing our brains for happiness & success in Midlife!


Series 1: THIS WEEK’s FOCUS – Balance & your Right to Disconnect

Two big questions: The great Work:Life Divide: what is the debate really about? Work:Life Balance: does it even exist & do we want it? Explore what’s most useful to your own happiness & success with coach Julia Seal. We learn from Prof Jon Kabat-Zinn and poet Jenny Joseph, Superwoman, #TheRightToDisconnect & the Happiness Parenting Gap to decide what artisanal unbalance we might want instead!

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"May you be Happy, May you be Free - there is no better time to coach together!"

Find everything at our website: https://happiness-matters.coach/podcast-subscribe1

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