55 minutes | Jul 20, 2020

2020 0619 Tara Melvin - Wedding Planning

Interview by Maya Holihan of the EWedded Network "People often ask how I ended up as an event planner and the answer is simple. I was born this way. Growing up, I was “that kid” in my neighborhood who invited everyone to gather at my house (never with my parent’s permission) for various activities that I conjured in my head. Fast forward to my college years, I was still the “go-to-girl” for all things social. My first large fête, I planned was my college graduation with over 150 enthusiastic students in attendance and it was executed to perfection. Continuing into adulthood, I planned numerous occasions for friends and then began to realize this was the career for me! Fourteen years and continuing, I (Perfect Planning Events) have evolved into an award-winning event planner in the Washington DC metro area. My experience as a professional allows me to connect with people like you and create moments of a lifetime that you will cherish forever. My passion for the beauty of creating fabulous moments yields to the fulfillment of the hearts of those (you) who have hired me, however, it is my fierce attention to detail and flawless execution that is noticed and provokes a resounding BRAVO! by all engaged in the experience. Always. My commitment to you as your Planner is: (1) Your only job in the planning process is to get excited about your event because “I’ve got you!”; (2) trust me when I say I will bring your creative vision to life, execute it to perfection, and protect your investment from start to finish. Allow me and my dynamic team to deliver you a highly personalized experience resulting in a memorable and stress-free celebration. I look forward to working with you!"
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