26 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Ep. 167: Timeliness And Revisiting Ripcords

Good news! Liz and Sarah are selling their Happier In Hollywood rainbow Silipint travel cups again. Just email happierinhollywood@gmail.com to order ($25 including shipping). In From The Treadmills Desks Of, they discuss why the timeliness of a project is more important than ever before. Then Liz and Sarah do a Take Two about pulling the ripcord. Turns out a lot of our listeners have done it — and are glad they did. This week’s Hits & Bombs is just Hits. Liz gives a Hit to the USA show DIrty John: The Betty Broderick Story, while Sarah gives her step-mother, Anna, the biggest Hit ever for being her pandemic savior. Finally, this week’s Hollywood Hack: Do one small thing a week to make the world a better place.

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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story:


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