37 minutes | Jul 9th 2020

Ep. 165: Improve Your Mental Flexibility And A Discussion About “How to Broach Race When You’re Not the Most Powerful Person in the Writers Room”

Liz and Sarah discuss how we can all improve their our mental flexibility during this global pandemic. One tip? Tweak your routine. In their new Amplify segment, they talk to up-and-coming TV writers Jackie Decembly and Jerrica Long about their Hollywood Reporter piece, “How to Broach Race When You’re Not the Most Powerful Person in the Writers Room.” Jerrica’s advice: Don’t call people out. Call them in. This week’s Hollywood Hack: avoid the creep. It’s easy to let bad habits creep back in, especially right now. Halt the creep ASAP!

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Flexibility Thinking: How To Encourage Kids to Go With the Flow:


Amelia Bedelia:


Jackie Decembly:


Jerrica Long:


How to Broach Race When You’re Not the Most Powerful Person in the Writers Room:


This Is What Racial Trauma Does To The Body And Brain:


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