46 minutes | May 27th 2019

HA Radio - Episode 13: Caroline Brown

Caroline has a beautiful soul filled with a passion to flip the current "mental health" model on its head. Albeit young and getting set to attend graduate school she has ample experience with mental health through life experience, family, and published research conducted during her undergrad at Utah State.  Caroline believes that "mental" health is an ever-evolving and changing state of being for each and every one of us. She has her eyes set on opening a facility/practice in the future that incorporates mental, physical, and spiritual guidance to help those struggling with mental illness to find balance in their life and remove the negative stigma that burns in the word "therapy."

Mental illness shouldn't simply be treated with a pill.

In this episode we cover: 

  1. Caroline's current experience and schooling.
  2. Mental Illness and a holistic approach to healing.
  3. Similarities and correspondence between mental and physical health.
  4. Issues with the current mental health model.
  5. Stigmas attached to therapy and how they are a lie.

Stuff we mention in this episode:

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