63 minutes | Mar 13, 2019

#110: Han and Matt Kiss and Tell

Han and Matt tackle questions from some of their favorite advice sources from the week of March 3rd, 2019, and beyond, including: WINTER MEETUP: Washington, DC, Busboys and Poets on K Street March 16th, 6 PM - 10 PM Facebook Event [CW: Fat-Shaming] r/relationship_advice: "Boyfriend [25M] told me he used to ask out "fat girls" for fun. Am I [22F] right to be disgusted by him?" Dear Prudence: "Help! I Caught My Day Care Provider Breastfeeding My Baby." Carolyn Hax: "Should a single try to burst her friend's couple bubble?" Dear Wendy: "I Kissed My Friend And My Boyfriend Called It Cheating!" Ask a Manager: "my boss sent my client a flirty message from my email account" SPONSOR: Podigy: The podcast editing service we partner proudly with! SPONSOR: care/of: A monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamin and supplement packs right to your door! [CW: Self-Harm, Disordered Eating] Listener Kalvarin Ashmore, Renowned Euphomancer: "How Do I Teach Myself That a Relapse in My Mental Health Isn't an Indication of Failure?" Suicide Prevention Hotline FAQ: 1-800-273-8255 Shoutout to Hola Papi!: "I'm Straight-Acting and I Don’t Know Where I Fit In" Shoutout to Alison Green on Slate: "The Guy Who Hid Tacos in His Desk Drawer" or "Why do people go so nuts over free food at work?" Shoutout to Ask Polly: "Is My Absence From Social Media a Red Flag?" Shoutout to Ask Ann Cannon: "How can I dial back on digital life?" Shoutout to 'Cat Person' Author Kristen Roupenian Who "Discusses New Book at Harvard Book Store" Shoutout to Ask The Salty Waitress: "Our restaurant's repetitive music is ruining my workday" Submit your favorite questions or questions you may have for the podcast to hanandmattknowitall@gmail.com, anonymously at bit.ly/askhanandmatt, or to askahelpinghan@gmail.com for a Han-only written answer on hanandmattknowitall.com. Looking to support us? Desperately in need of a fantastical alter-ego? You can become a Patreon supporter and donate to us monthly for all kinds of sweet perks!
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