70 minutes | Mar 6, 2019

#109: Han and Matt Talk Reddit Relationships (Ft. Moderator ResidentBlackGuy)

Han and Matt write a love letter to Reddit Relationships and have the honor of interviewing moderator Alex "ResidentBlackGuy" Spruiell! During the interview portion of the show, they discuss how Alex became a moderator, what makes r/relationships the best subreddit for advice, the worst partner so far of 2019, and much more! ResidentBlackGuy Alex Spruiell on Twitter Podcast: Black & Yellow SPONSOR: LOLA: The female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners, and now: sex products! [BONUS Discussion for $5 and up patrons] #100: The Best & Worst Advice Column Humans of 2018 (Ft. Ask a Manager and Captain Awkward): Partners Category Worst Partner: "The Boyfriend" in r/relationships' "I[30] am having a mastectomy due to breast cancer and my boyfriend [29] of 4 years is having a hard time with my decision." Dishonorable Mention: "The Boyfriend" in r/relationships' "I'm [24F] on vacation without my boyfriend [33 M] because he missed his flight. Would it be wrong to live it up and ignore him for a few weeks?" [BONUS Discussion for $5 and up patrons] r/relationships: "My [22F] boyfriend [24M] cut the tip of his finger OFF as a "joke" for my Valentine’s Day gift." Reddit Relationships in Three Nutshells Should I key her car? Is this a dealbreaker? Is it mean if I ask him to stop? Listener The Tireless Mind Flayer: "My [46F] girlfriend of 3 months won't invite me [49M] over to her house" SPONSOR: Podigy: The podcast editing service we partner proudly with! Advice Column Alert: "Who's the Asshole Here?" on Lifehacker Shoutout to John Paul Brammer on Columbia Journalism Review: "The Advice Column Renaissance" Shoutout to Yolanda, Cynosure of the Net (AKA The Golden One) for our first P.O. Box Gift at our New Address And an additional shoutout to Aephe, Stout Battlemage, for sending us AN ENTIRE BOXFUL OF LOVE HEARTS CANDIES Shoutout to Broadway World: "TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS at Long Wharf" Shoutout to Dear Dabby: "How Do I Work in Weed?" In Cannabis Now Shoutout to Ask the Salty Waitress: "My food came out suspiciously early" for Sounding Like an Onion Headline Shoutout to Ask a Manager: "my coworker is setting toilet paper on fire in the bathroom" Submit your favorite questions or questions you may have for the podcast to hanandmattknowitall@gmail.com, anonymously at bit.ly/askhanandmatt, or to askahelpinghan@gmail.com for a Han-only written answer on hanandmattknowitall.com. Looking to support us? Desperately in need of a fantastical alter-ego? You can become a Patreon supporter and donate to us monthly for all kinds of sweet perks!
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