71 minutes | Aug 15th 2019

Heidi Trudell, "The Window Pain Preventer"

Heidi Trudell, creator of Dead Birds for Science and Just Save Birds, picks up dead birds.  In this episode, she gets straight into the uncomfortable subject of dead birds and tells you why she does what she does and what dead birds can teach us about architecture, your home, and what you can do to prevent window collisions that kill millions of birds a year.

When you go to research this further, Heidi suggests to check all information against American Birding Conservancy (ABC) and Fatal Lights Awareness Program (FLAP Canada) websites as they are the best resources, as of the submission of this post.

Show Notes:
Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Washtenaw Audubon
Bird Safe Solutions for your Windows
Heidi's Patreon
FLAP Canada
Heidi's Website - Just Save Birds
American Birding Conservancy - Bird Collisions

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