57 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

TOW the Moist-Maker

Ross’s rage over the loss of his Moist-Maker sandwich has some serious consequences. Monica and Chandler are getting sloppy about their secret romance, forcing Joey to take the blame for several embarrassing incidents. Phoebe invites Rachel to take a literature class at The New School, but Rachel doesn’t take the class seriously. We also discuss: fur collars, Joey’s terrible turtleneck, the recipe for the perfect Moist-Maker, and Oprah’s fantastic Vogue cover. S05 E09 - TOW Ross’s Sandwich Signature Beverage: Cotton Candy Martini http://handbagmarinara.com/blog/cotton-candy-martini 00:01:00 - YouTube video of raccoon and cotton candy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfbb4yRBH64 00:05:45 - Friendly’s Limited Edition Rockin’ Poppin’ Cotton Candy Ice Cream! https://www.instacart.com/products/21097466-friendly-s-ice-cream-premium-rockin-poppin-cotton-candy-1-5-qt 00:17:35 - Ross’s meltdown over his sandwich as an example of how the pandemic has broken all of us! 00:20:20 - A quick breakdown of The New School in NYC 00:25:20 - Monica’s terrible party outfit has mutated into a terrible turtleneck on Joey! 00:27:18 - How many throw pillows do you own? 00:35:10 - We make our Official Moist-Maker Plan 00:37:08 - Oprah on the October 1998 cover of Vogue 00:39:12 - We hatch the plans for the FRIENDS Book Club **Support our Season 5 charity: World Central Kitchen!** http://donate.wck.org/handbagmarinara
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