75 minutes | May 21, 2021

TOW the Great Selfless Good Deed Debate

aka TOW the Great Selfless Good Deed Debate S05 E04 - TOW Phoebe Hates PBS Signature Beverage: Cookie Monster: Milk and Cookies Boozy Milkshake 00:00:35 - “C Is for Cookie” and other Sesame Street memories **Support our Season 5 charity: World Central Kitchen!** 00:10:20 - Ray Liotta definitely looks like he wants to kill you 00:13:50 - Wrinkle-free fax paper really is a thing 00:18:05 - Our favorite Monica phase! She’s happy, she’s wearing bright colors! 00:22:45 - The Great Selfless Good Deed Debate 00:52:00 - Why is Emily trying so hard when Ross clearly has feelings for Rachel? 00:56:40 - A chicken-chip-fueled tangent Wilde Chicken Chips 01:00:35 - Phoebe taught Elizabeth how to say “god dammit” without actually having to say “god dammit”! America’s Test Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies (Note: You need a subscription to access the recipe.) 01:08:35 - Heather has tried the “We owe it to sex” line on several occasions with great success!
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