80 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

TOW Popping Boobies, Possible Baby Names, and a Paranoid Boyfriend

S04 E18 - TOW Rachel’s New Dress

Signature Beverage: New Fashioned http://handbagmarinara.com/blog/new-fashioned

  • We sing the praises of Drambuie
  • Would a drum actually be easier to maneuver than a guitar?
  • Really? Twice in 17 minutes?
  • Do you suggest baby names to your friends and family when they get pregnant?
  • Do we adapt to fit our names?
  • How do you properly de-stem asparagus?
  • How do you “en croute” food?
  • Is Ross irrationally paranoid, or does he have a point? Either way, he NEEDS therapy

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  • Reminiscing about the Amy Fisher / Joey Buttafuoco attempted murder case that gripped the nation in the early ‘90s
  • Elizabeth gets a surprise visitor in her closet
  • Chandler says there will never be a “President Joey” … we have something to tell you, Chandler!
  • Joey’s child-like suspension of disbelief
  • Dreaming about a Cinderalla story at QVC
  • It becomes quite clear that Joshua and Rachel have no intention of eating that salmon en croute
  • Matthew Perry’s dad guest stars as Joshua’s Dad!
  • The CREEPY red eyes on the bust behind Rachel
  • Was the name change Chandler’s plan the whole time to get Phoebe to pick his name for the baby?
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