79 minutes | Nov 19, 2020

TOW Phoebe Eats Meat and Joshua Meets Everyone

S04 E16 - TOW the Fake Party

Signature Beverage: Nutty Cheerleader: Cherry-Almond Margarita http://handbagmarinara.com/blog/nutty-cheerleader

00:06:41 — Nauseated vs. Nauseous, aka Street Smarts vs. Formal Education

00:09:06 — The joy of a shower beer

00:14:37 — Being REALLY skeptical of the new people your BFF dates

00:18:50 — Have you ever altered your likes or personality because of a love interest? (aka Have you ever Runaway Bride-ed?)

00:30:00 — Are we the only ones who are disappointed with Rachel’s behavior in this episode??

00:34:18 — Who knew that tying a cherry stem with your tongue would be a tie-in to Ginger with the Wooden Leg??

00:38:58 — How does Phoebe know to be so … “excited” about the potentially footy meats Joey is putting on his sandwich?

00:43:08 — Why can’t Rachel just be honest with Joshua about her crush?

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00:46:15 — We’ve never played Spin the Bottle, or any other kissing games for that matter

00:49:35 — We can FEEL Rachel’s excitement at finally having a chance to kiss Joshua

00:56:35 — We have some questions about how quickly and deliciously Joey cooked those steaks

01:05:45 — Why didn’t Rachel go for the out-the-bottom approach for taking her bra off?

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