60 minutes | Jul 2, 2021

TOW a Health Inspector, a Regatta Gala, and a Tap-Dancing Pimp

S05 E07 - TOW Ross Moves In Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey — and quickly wears out his welcome. Phoebe dates a health inspector who keeps shutting down their favorite restaurants. Rachel plays dating games and fakes a regatta gala with Danny, their new neighbor. We also discuss swim cover-ups as cardigans, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and vividly describe Ross’s “quiet down” hands. Signature Beverage: See You Ladle http://handbagmarinara.com/blog/see-you-ladle 00:09:05 - Why is Phoebe wearing a swim cover-up as a cardigan? 00:12:10 - Are people better at flirting when they’re not actually trying to flirt? 00:17:54 - FRIENDS meets “He’s Just Not That Into You” 00:20:34 - Why didn’t Ross move in with Monica, or at least store some of his stuff at her (larger) apartment? 00:24:40 - Can an off-duty health inspector shut a restaurant down? 00:29:00 - For the Love of Air Purifiers 00:37:43 - An inclusion-minded description of Ross’s “quiet down” hand gesture **Support our Season 5 charity: World Central Kitchen!** http://donate.wck.org/handbagmarinara
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