34 minutes | Dec 10, 2019

Repurposed Gems for Non-Boring People (PART 1) with The New York Adventure Club

The Hand Me Club knows a lot of tourists are journeying to NYC this holiday season, so we get a little off topic this week with the beginning of a two part series talking about ecofriendly, repurposed and interesting sites in the city with Corey Schneider from the New York Adventure Club. Corey joins Lindsay to talk about his path to starting the club and touches on some of the best repurposed historic buildings in New York City and the value of restoring historic structures and giving them new life.  Stay tuned for Part 2, where Corey will speak about some of the best eco-friendly places in New York City that he’s had the pleasure of seeing through the New York Adventure Club.  Check out the New York Adventure Club at https://www.nyadventureclub.com/  
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