43 minutes | Jun 12th 2020

#78 How to buy real estate in the Philippines and foreign Ownership of real estate in the Philippines

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This time, I talked to Stephen from Manila, Philippines. 

Stephen is Real Estate Broker by profession and Real Estate Investor by passion Specializes in Philippine real estate investment, representation of foreign investors, residential and commercial brokerage and leasing.

During the interview, we talked about following topics: 

0:00 Introduction

1:00 Manila

3:00 Cebu

6:10 Interesting locations for real estate buyers in the Philippines

11:50 Stephen´s services for international foreign real estate investors

14:40 Investor profiles in the Philippines

15:10 How to buy real estate in the Philippines and the steps in the buying process

20:25 Buying real estate development projects

25:35 The advantages of exclusivity on real estate transactions for buyers and sellers

26:40 Administration of real estate properties in the Philippines

29:00 Ownership structure when buying real estate in the Philippines

33:45 Development and outlook of international real estate investment in the Philippines

36:05 Stephen´s take on the global real estate investment markets and hot markets from his point of view

38:48 Tips by Stephen for investors and other real estate professionals

You can contact Stephen via:




This was a very informative session about real estate investments in the Philippines!

Stephen, thanks a lot for having been on the show!

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