46 minutes | Apr 17th 2020

#68 Best practices for Overseas Real Estate Home Buyers in South Costa Blanca, Spain with Bev Townsend

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Today I talked to Bev Townsend from South Costa Blanca, Spain.

Together with her husband Bev is the Owner of Spanish Dream Property which is a real estate finder and helps local and interntional Potential Property Buyers to find their dream property in South Costa Blanca.

Here you find an overview of the topics we discussed:

0:00 Introduction

1:10 How Spanish Dream Property started

5:50 South Costa Blanca Overview

9:25 South Costa Blanca & Coronavirus

10:55 Recommended Areas to buy real estate in South Costa Blanca, Spain

17:43 Buying real estate properties for holiday purposes and rental licenses in South Costa Blanca

20:25 Expenses and required cash to maintain real estate in Spain

23:22 Language Barrier in South Costa Blanca and adapting to local culture

27:50 Starting Spanish Dream Property and the motivation of buyers to buy in South Costa Blanca

29:50 Service Offerings of Spanish Dream Property

33:20 Investor cliente in South Costa Blanca

36:00 Administration and Residency in Spain and support along the buying process by Spanish Dream Property

40:45 Tips by Bev Townsend for potential home buyers in South Costa Blanca

44:03 Contact Details by Bev Townsend 

Bev, it was a pleasure to have you on the show!

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your insights!

You can reach out to Bev via:




0044 1603 415 296

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