61 minutes | Apr 12th 2020

#66 How to do Real Estate Marketing in 2020 | Branding vs Sales

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This time, I talked to Christopher Thompson from London, United Kingdom. 

Christopher has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing, which spans across a number of Industries including Property & Lead Generation.

He is highly ambitious and at the age of 20 had already opened up and ran a successful Recruitment Company alongside a CV and Interview advice consultancy.

0:00 Introduction

1:50 Christopher´s early carreer

3:15 A place in the sun

4:10 Lead Galaxy

4:30 The DNA of property listing portal marketing

10:30 Due Diligence each real estate agent shall conduct when choosing a real estate listing portal

13:18 International Portals and when using them

15:00 Investment purpose vs Holiday purpose real estate 

17:05 Internet Presence every real estate agents needs

22:00 Global Real Estate Networks and Memberships and Certifications

23:30 MLS system in the UK

25:00 Service Offerings of PPM

27:30 The drawbacks of marketing on Instagram for real estate agents

29:20 Marketing Real Estate Listings on TikTok

31:20 Branding vs Sales

34:20 Packages which PPM offers

37:25 The importance of XML feeds for real estate agents and brokerages

40:00 Property Share Network

42:20 Referral Marketing Networks in Real Estate and its challenges and opportunities

45:00 B2B transactions between real estate agents both locally and internationally

48:15 B2B collaboration between agents in  London and commission

51:00 Real estate Investments in  the UK and being a favorable destination for real estate investors

52:46 Real estate landscape in the UK among the Coronavirus and the outlook for the coming months

59:30 Contact Details

1:00:00 Advice by Christopher

You can reach out to Christopher via following means:



I hope you liked the interview!

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