18 minutes | Aug 8th 2019

HTB 025: Your Natural Born SuperPower

  Wasting time trying to be “good” to bring you more success? Check out this one SuperPower to grow your success without settling for mediocrity or being apologetic… In today’s episode you will hear Satori share your one natural SuperPower. You’ll understand how to dominate your life and business and not let it dominate you.  Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Find out what’s costing American companies alone $450-$500 Billion. Find out how to take command of this one SuperPower that’s at your fingertips. Learn how to own the traits of the best to leverage your natural born leadership skills. So listen here to find out how Satori coaches the best and how you can have an opportunity to apply and talk directly to Satori about creating badass results in your life and business. --Transcript-- If you want to know the difference between the best and someone who’s name you’ve never even heard of, you better put away all the distractions and focus your attention right here, right now. What’s up my friends, this is Satori Mateu with a brand new episode of Halfass to Badas.  Today we are going to tap into and understand one of your superpowers. The superpower I’m talking about controls everything around you, your results, or lack of results, what you do or don’t do. What you’re even willing to try.  Before we get into the actual superpower, let's clarify a little bit of a current dilemma. We live in a world of mediocrity. We live in a world of low expectations, and victimhood.  Today, that’s the norm. It's the norm we live in. The estimated annual cost of employee disengagement in the United States alone is $450-$500 Billion dollars. And of course, this impacts company growth, profits, productivity and the difference being made in customers and clients.  If we want to engage ourselves, our teams and inspire customers and clients to make us the logical choice when they make a purchasing decision, and if we want to change how we live, what we stand for,we need to deliberately engage this Supowerpower and stop halfassing things. If we want to truly share our expertise and our knowledge, our wisdom, to be real authentic leaders in this world, we've got to step out of the mediocrity of the world. We've got to divorce ourselves of the low expectations and the victimhood we live in. Which means we can’t be the best in our field, to stand out, be badasses and victims at the same time. The truth is, we can't afford to be victims. Period. What is this thing we're going to talk about today? Own your best. This Supowerpower comes from understanding that you are born the best. You are born a Badass. That’s something to remember. This Superpower is an undeniable truth. Just remember it. No need to question it. Meaning you wouldn't even be here unless you had won the sperm race. We’ve talked about this in previous episodes. You wouldn't be here. It’s just as simple as that. Let's just own that. You were designed and born to compete, to win, to dominate, to be the best. It's in your DNA. Just own it. No need to apologize for it, anymore. But, it doesn’t guarantee your position. Just because you have everything, and you’re perfectly designed to win and you won once before doesn’t mean you can disengage and expect victory.   Let me ask you, what happens when what is given to you goes unappreciated, unused, or even misused? It’s worthless, isn’t it? I know so many people who have lost important relationships because they didn’t nurture or appreciate them when they were in their life. No until when the person got tired of not being being seen and left did the person all of a sudden start paying attention. To own your best, to embrace all of you, means appreciating the miracle that you are.  What else does it mean to own the best? It's to understand that all the human traits, every single one of the human traits, the characteristics, the qualities you have, everybody has. There's no trait lacking in you. Nothing is missing.  With that said, it's interesting, if you look at the word, the definition of a trait; a distinguishing quality or characteristic. Here's the problem with that. We judge and minimize ourselves. We compare ourselves to others as a way to separate ourselves to be distinct. We look to create a unique identity for ourselves, we want to be different.  This can go two ways, we either minimize and crush our worth that way, or we make ourselves bigger, we put ourselves on a pedestal, as a way to feel more important, more significant, more special.  But in humanity, every trait in existence, you and I have. Nothing is missing. We have the trait and the anti-trait. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. Sometimes you feel strong and sometimes weak. Inspired and uninspired, authentic and inauthentic. We got it all or you wouldn't even be able to recognize it. Whether we define it as good or bad, it's really more about our own judgment and perceptions, meaning every trait has its value in the right context. The problem is, we falsely believe we lack some traits. We often believe others have things we don't and that we're just born that way. More accurately, our traits come into optimal use when they’re in alignment with our highest values.  I’ll show you persistence, creativity, resilience and dedication when it comes to fighting for our clients well-being and success and our family, but you put me in front of something I don’t like and you will see, lack of engagement, lack of focus, lack of dedication, low energy because it’s not important to me. But I have all traits. Is this making sense?  We falsely believe we're lacking. The reality is, you have them all. To own the best is to own your traits, all of them, because they're all useful in different contexts. When it comes to eating crappy food, not getting sufficient sleep or taking care of my clients, with those kind of habits or behaviors I want to be inconsistent, lazy or procrastinate, you know what I mean? Because I want the opposite. I want to eat healthy food. I want to take care of my sleep and I want to take care of and nurture our clients. Are you following?  You want to know how you can use your natural design, your best, in order to  accelerate your wealth (which really means well-being), accelerate the results you create for yourself, your clients, your family, be able to love and connect and deepening your understanding of the world within you and around you. There's a problem. The problem is that you came out a winner, and as baby people were impressed just by you passing gas, mistaking it for a smile, right? "Oh, look at that cute little smile!" You were even celebrated for pooping. Believe me, that didn't last long. Think about it. Right?  Later in life, after being praised for your mere existence, now people are fast to judge, true? People are inconvenienced by your ruthlessness, your persistence. I mean, this is how you came here. Unapologetically. People started judging it, being inconvenienced by it. They start rolling their eyes, sighing, trying to remove your unapologetic existence. "Oh, don't be so energetic! Don't be so loud! Don't be this! Don't be that!" Right? They try to have you apologize for everything. What happens? You slowly start accepting it and you dim your light. That's the problem and we've got to shatter that problem once and for all. Because if you don't, if we don't, we'll stay mediocre, and there's no growth in that my friend. There's no development. The world will stand still. Think about it, if there were no Steve Jobs, no Elon Musk, no Bill Gates, no Oprah Winfrey, no Richard Branson, and if there wasn't a you.  Can you think about these people? They have the same traits as you. They're just using them differently. According to their values. According to matters to them. They're using maybe their persistence to innovate, being creative in their form. You have yours. They still have the same traits. Maybe they're using their focus differently. They're using their time differently. They are no different than you or I.  How do we take this piece of owning the best and apply it daily? How do we engage this superpower, because it really is a superpower.  What’s the kryptonite? Disowning your traits. When you disown your traits, you disown you. When you disown your traits, you disown your expertise, your wisdom, your knowledge, your experience, you disown your clients because you can't make your unique difference in their lives when you're minimizing yourself, when you are dimming the light of your SuperPower. When you're disowning you. Think about that, because if you get this, if you really understand this at the core, you'll stop minimizing, you'll stop apologizing. You'll stop procrastinating in sharing your gifts, your knowledge, and your expertise. This is how you change the world. This is how you leave a legacy. Changing the standards for those who come after you, this is how we play a bigger, more meaningful game. This is how you apply yourself. The best. How do we do it? How do we engage our superpower? How do we engage you, the born you? The one that is here right now? First of all, I want you to understand, we all have a tendency to dismiss or hide traits. So here is a simple yet powerful way to get going.  Let’s identify and clarify a trait you admire in someone else. Why do I choose a trait you admire in someone else? Because if you admire it in someone else chances are you’re minimizing it in you. It's a simple way of doing it, a simple way of getting clear on it, so we can understand what a trait is. That's how we can distinguish it. We look at something someone else has, someone you admire or respect, a trait you admire, a trait you wish you had or had more of. Think about it right now. What’s the trait? Who has it? You see the trait? What is it? Who is it? You look for when and where and with w
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