44 minutes | Jul 17th 2019

HTB 023: The Truth Behind A Badass Life With C.C Evans And Satori

How do you become a Badass Entrepreneur, Spouse, and Parent? Is it something you’re born with and can anybody acquire the skills? In today’s episode of Halfass to Badass the tables are turned and you will hear Satori be interviewed by entrepreneur, psychoanalyst, wife and homeschooling mom of five C.C. Evans Puglise. She’s also a fellow Badass listener of our podcast and you will hear her ask Satori some challenging and interesting questions.  Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode: Find out Satori’s perspective on being a Badass and why so many stay mediocre. Listen to C.C. Evans Puglise as she asks Satori personal and challenging questions.  Learn how Satori takes on victimhood and how it affects your business, your marriage and your parenting. So listen here to find out how Satori coaches the best and how you can have an opportunity to apply and talk directly to Satori about creating badass results in your life and business.
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