84 minutes | Jun 20th 2019

HTB 020: How To Achieve 500% More Productivity With Jay Altman

Let me ask you what do you do, when you have great ideas, a great vision and you want to make amazing things happen in your life, but you’re just not moving there fast enough? Maybe sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough energy, you’re working hard all day long, you come home, you family wants you, your spouse wants your attention, you want to be a great husband, a great wife, and you want to be present with your kids. How do you do it all? How do you make you dreams a reality? In today’s episode I’m interviewing entrepreneur Jay Altman, proud father of 4 kids, married to his wife Kelly of 14 years and together they’re owners of four businesses. Jay grew up very poor in a small farm town in northwest Indiana and is now a self-made millionaire and Author. Jay has guided top level entrepreneurs and executives to achieve phenomenal financial success as well as how to find fulfillment in life. He teaches how to leverage the power of the brain and how to maximize its potential. He’s a master at teaching how to compress and leverage time to accomplish rapid results. He is going to share of cutting edge strategies and tools on how to create some impressive changes in your productivity and performance. Let’s jump into our conversation.
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